2007 to 2008 KH prices

I was just looking through the unicycle.uk.com web site, and noticed that the 2008 KH unicycles are a lot more expensive than the 2007 ones were, and still are priced.

£120 more is quite a lot more expensive I think, there doesn’t doesn’t seem that much difference, the frame is different, as is the seat post, and the wheel has off set spokes.

I am glad I bought my 2007 one when I did.


There you have it.

Same for France and Germany. I already had some direct exchanges by mail with Kris about this point but at the moment it’s not very clear in my mind why this apperared in Europe just for KH unicycles :thinking: .

According to my opinion, it’s not only due to change from KH07 to KH08 models but there was already some high increase of prices from mid 2007 to mid 2008 on the same models KH07 :frowning:


KHU Unicycles was in 07 cheaper then other unicycles in the same category so it is logic that Kris has less space to compensate high prices for Metal and Oil.

Kris Holm 29" Mountain Unicycle 2007 Price £300.00

Kris Holm 29" Mountain Unicycle 2008 Price £420.00

Kris Holm 24" Mountain Unicycle 2007 Price £289.00

Kris Holm 24" Mountain Unicycle 2008 Price £399.00

I know that prices for oil etc have gone up, and there are very good upgrades, but I think £120 is quite a lot extra.

It doesn’t affect me anyway, I have my 2007 KH 29" and I love it.


The difference in the USA is only 14 $


and in Germany its also less difference, 54 € for the 29", 59 € for the 24" and 30 € for the 20" KH

So its 20 £ to 40 £ more then last year which is ok for improved quality and more expensive times generally.

Seems to be a British problem only.

£76 in the UK between 2007 Trials and 2008 trials. That’s about $140.

Tell me about those drilled rims. What happens when you ride through deep gritty muddy water?

The drilled rims I have seen were Onza ones, with hedgehogs cut into the rims, they looked great, but the only thing stopping that gritty muddy water is rim tape.

that is insignificant, at the very most it would be like $10 a unicycle. my guess is that they are put on huge ships and shipped (in bulk) wherever they end up…with tons of other products that make the same journey… lol

oval holes are tons harder to drill
new frames are different to make=new setups of some kind

The rim tape should stop it getting in. Although I would of thought they should just have drilled rims for 20" unicycles, not 24".

Wow !, at current exchange rates, those are 800 $ unis ! :astonished:
Take advantage of the low dollar and buy here or here, for 1/2 price.

BI ships free in the states, you would have to email them to find out how much, or if they will ship to England.


AEB will ship internationally. They will sell for well under their advertised price. Say, maybe 400 $ for for a 07 KH 20. You must email them for the price and a promotion code.

It will likely cost 100 $ or so for shipping, maybe customs charges to, I don’t know. It looks like you would save at least 200 $ or more buying USA.

Yeah!! Finally! Someone else who thinks like I do. I buy from other countries all the time because they arent up to date with currancy rates. Shipping is never as bad as people say (Unless its a coker) and I end up saving tons of money.

Or not: http://bikeisland.com/WhereShip.htm

Summary: continental U.S. only.

only losers ride kh’s…

only losers ride kh’s…

Yes, and this 14$ comes directly from the 14$ it takes to buy Twisted PCs in addition to normal pedals.

I think it’s unfair to say not much has changed. The frame seems to be significantly strong, as well as the post.

I ride the 08 longneck right now, after snapping 2 07 frames, and I have already put the longneck in enough stress that I think the 07 frame would have snapped(I tried an outfifthflip and underspun and landed on the tire, still clutching the seat really strongly, The frame was under a RIDICULOUS amount of pressure, as I accidently pulled back on the seat really strongly while I still slowly fell forward.)

I don’t know much about the new rim, however, since I haven’t given it a go yet.

lol, No offence, but that’s a really dumb thing to say. A low US dollar means importing is more expensive. Unicycles are really cheap in the US atm compared to other places.

You’re stupid.

I didnt say now is the best time. But when the exchange rates allow for it, then that’s what I do.