10 Hour epic riding day!

Me, Joe and Tyler met at my house Sunday (5/3/09) at 9:30am for the first part of our TEN hour riding day! We started with some backyard trials, and Tyler and Joe did really well, but admitted it was quite challenging! We used Tyler’s camera for the trials part, so it’s not in this video, but hopefully Tyler will post it later.

After trials we drove up to the local trail for a fun MUni ride where we encountered a 4 foot gopher snake! I caught it before it had totally dissaperaed into the brush so we could get some footage, then I let him go on his merry way!

After that it was time for our 40 miler on our 36ers, so we hit the beach bike path and got started. We were also joined by Jeff who turned back after about 12 miles, so he did a very respectable 24 mile ride. Also, 11 year old Kaelyn on his 20" torker lx and his dad Keith on his folding bike rode the first couple miles with us. Even though we held back our speed, Kaelyn was still pedaling super fast to keep up and was doing a good 7mph!

We finished the day at 7:30pm after 10 full hours and it was all a total blast! We really need to do rides like this more often! Hope you all enjoy, even though there’s not a lot of actual riding in the video, I think we still captured some good sights & sounds of our day. :smiley:

Seeing your video and your photos in the Pictures thread just makes me want to go out riding. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun !!! But sadly for me I won’t be able to ride for the next 3 1/2 weeks :frowning: Damn I wish my Uni would fit into my car… that’s almost already fully packed to head off to Botswana :smiley:

That guy did pretty good on that coker. :slight_smile:

Yeah the coker guy at the end was great! and I thought the metal detector guy was going to zap your crotch there :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like it was a fun day!

What’s going on there? Sounds like an exotic locale! Yeah, we crammed THREE cokers, gear and three grown people into my prius yesterday to get to our riding places!

Yeah i saw him toward the end of our ride with the metal detector, and thought it would be fun to get him on film doing that stuff.

Luckily there was no pain haha. Btw, both were the same guy haha. But I almost made Joe late getting back by stopping for that last bit! :o

it was a great ride. I’ll throw in the clips of the trials into my next video wich i am nearly finished with. thats cool how you used the music from Venice beach for the music.

Man Boys!! You guys know how to live… quite a Carnival there in Venice and Cokers seem not outta place at all. Fun and rhythmic…
Lately I have been joining some Twin city Uni guys on rides and it is surely fun to ride with a pack.
Terry, been riding my new KH 36er …lovin’ it. Put the pedals at the 125 holes and it is too cool and rapido.
Do you find hills more difficult on a 36er?? I sure do. Maybe just more time in the saddle will get me zipping up them but the steep ones are quite a challengooo…
Great vid.

Yeah Venice is quite the wild place! I think you’ll get used to the shorter cranks soon enough, and may even progress to the 114mm cranks! Most of the 36er rides I do are on mostly flat, smooth ground with minimal climbing, however since I’ve become very used to the 114’s, climbing is not out of reach, depending on severity of the grade and length. If I end up doing the Maui even in August, I would likely switch to 150’s or even 165’s for the 10,000 feet, 36 mile climb to the top of the volcano! :slight_smile:

On any normal day I can fit around 6 uni’s into my car along with some passengers, however at the moment it is so packed with perhaps enough room for a mouse or 2 :slight_smile: and my guitar.

Going to miss my Uni, but I’ll be off on a rad 4x4 adventure … 9 hours and counting … tick…tock… :smiley:

6 unis, pshaw. I’ve gotten about 15 plus five people, and my family only has a small SUV.

Haha, yeah that sounds safe! :astonished: And I bet those 6 unis weren’t cokers! :stuck_out_tongue: I still marvel over just how much I can fit into my prius, which has as even more space in the back, depth-wise, than my Honda CRV did! :smiley:

During RTL, we had four large adults, three 36" and three 29" unicycles, plus our gear, in a minivan. Not exactly a tight fit, but pretty full and definitely about as much as you’d want to have in there for several days of constant rider-switching. Only with a good support person did the food & drinks keep flowing, and the inside of the car not turn into a disgusting mess! :slight_smile:

As far as car-filling, once I drove from Michigan to New York in a VW Bug with three adults, three 24" unicycles, one 27" ultimate wheel, a 16" two wheeler (stacked wheels) and a 20" two wheeler. Plus our luggage for the one-week trip, all inside the car!

Well last year, our family of four drove to SD for NAUCC with 11 unicycles plus luggage for the week. :stuck_out_tongue: (Some of the unis were on top of the car though)

Looks comfy!

And a bonus: