1 Foot WheelWalk challenge

It’s been a year from now I challenged myself, learned and mastered the WW with your wisdom and encouragement. Back then (and still) I think that I accomplished the challenge pretty fast in my terms (and with huge smile).

Anyway, now I can WW from riding and back, as far and much as I wish (well almost :D). I learned few other tricks this year: 1 Foot Riding, SIF, SIF hop, Rolling hop. Now it’s the 1FTWW challenge time! I’ll start practicing on Friday.

Any of you that want to share anything relates to 1FTWW, is more than welcome here. Meanwhile, I did my little research and found the excellent (and only…) sp4rky-m4rky Wheel walk, one foot wheel walk and gliding tutorial, Thank you!

I have great location for Friday, and I’ll post after every session about my progression. Can’t wait :smiley:

Have fun,

I found that video when I was trying to first start learning to glide and didn’t find it useful for that. For one foot wheel walk I would be careful of what’s fairly common with one foot tricks which is leaning towards the foot that’s doing the work. You could also practice regular wheel walk as slow as you can (for balance) and wheel walk up an incline (for muscle strengthening). I learned regular wheel walk pretty quickly and one foot took a lot longer, but if you put in the time you’ll get it. Congratulations on all the progress you’ve made!

@waaalrus, Thank you very much for the tips, I’ll take them all!
Keep posting comments about my progression posts - it helps a lot and fuels my motivation.

Have fun,

Day 1 - 2h15min | Total: 2h15min

Today I had my first 1FTWW session!

I had a lot of tries, forward and back falls, and one nasty back fall when my leg hit the pedal and I couldn’t bail properly :astonished:

Anyway it was very hot day, but I was into it. It took me about 30 min. to get used to the new body position, and the first 30 or 40 tries were very hesitant. By the end of the first hour I was more relaxed and had a clue what to expect.

Here is the video, it’s a bit long so if you wish to see my best one, just go to 2:17… :wink:

Have fun,

Wow, that was fast progress! I find the larger wheel harder than the 20" wheel. Is that on a slight decline or is that just the video? It may be easier to practice slightly uphill than downhill although level is probably best. When I learned I pressed down hard on the tire and dragged it back to reposition. At any point I could just stop the tire. However, I don’t know if that’s the best technique.

Thanks waaalrus! It’s quite level. True about the pressing and dragging, I noticed the importance of that, It reminds me the importance of the heel with the 2FTWW…

Have fun,

Day 2 - 0h45min | Total: 3h00min

Hi all,
Today I had very short session, it was dark also so I couldn’t take a video :frowning:

Although I felt kind of progression. Not something noticeably in terms of distance, but it was like I gain more control. Most of the time I bail ‘gracefully’ :slight_smile: and slowly I’m adopting the foot drag movement - it’s so unnatural for me…

So here my points of attention right now:

  1. Memorize the strength of the first stroke.
  2. Never let my foot leave the tire.
  3. I feel quite comfort up there - so it’s time to be more proactive.
  4. Try waaalrus’s advise about leaning towards the working foot.
  5. Find more time for longer sessions :smiley:

I hope that on Tuesday I’ll have a chance to practice at the local skatepark, and do better.

Have fun,

Day 3 - 0h45min | Total: 3h45min

Just came back from 45 min session, and I think something happening…
I feel more comfortable with the first stroke, so I find myself more and more balancing myself, It’s only few strokes but I start to get the 1ftww feeling :smiley: several times I even did unintended tiny glide :D:D:D

Tomorrow I’ll practice in my favorite place and I hope to take a video too.

Have fun,

Day 4 - 2h10min | Total: 5h55min

Hi all,
Today I had about 2 hours session and it was great!
I can’t do it consistently, but when I succeed even if it’s just for few strokes - it’s very rewarding!
I also had several tiny unintended glides :smiley: (0:33)…
Here is the video from today:

I know that I have a lot of work ahead, but I enjoy every minute.

Have fun,

Awesome progress!

I was suprised how fast you adapted to 1ftWW, so I’ve started to look at your thread from last year and decided to try WW again myself.
I must admit I’ve never spent 2 hours in one go practicing a trick, so I guess my progress will be slower, but I would like to get in this June :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Go for it, WW is so fun, I would be happy to follow your progress and bring my inputs.
And yep, I guess I get obsessed with new tricks :wink:

Have fun,

Day 5 - 1h20min | Total: 7h15min


Nothing big to update today, but it seems that every session there is one thing that I learn. Today it was my left hand position (the one that holds the seat handle just before I take the first stroke). I was so focused with my foot pushing and dragging it on the wheel, and I didn’t use my left hand for balancing… :roll_eyes:

Anyway even if I’m still not consistent with the relatively success doing the 1ftww, still even the failure looks better :slight_smile: I mean that I don’t crash anymore, and I have better feeling of my foot on the tire.

It’s exhausting, the weather doesn’t help much (middle east summer…), but I’ll give it all the time needed to complete this challenge :smiley:

Practice, practice, practice…

Have fun,

Day 6 - 2h20min | Total: 9h35min

Hi all,

This morning I had another long 1ftww session. I think I do better, although it doesn’t show in distance, but I don’t care much about distance at this point.
I’m focused on finding the balance point that give me better control, and learning the correction for any situation (too much forward/backward).
I find myself more and more dare to try new things (like pushing the wheel harder, reduce speed etc.) and it so cool!
I hope for another session tomorrow - can’t wait I’m addicted :D:D:D

Here is today video:

Have fun,

Wow Yuval, this is amazing!
I’m watching this now and it makes me wanna go out and return to my own unfinished challenge of basic WW :slight_smile:

I haven’t been in this forum for quite a while now (few weeks).
BTW - I moved in to the new office at TLV and I’m riding every day with my 36er from Ramat-Gan to TLV (Atidim) via the Yarkon trail.

We need to catch another ride together sometime soon.
Maybe WW session? :slight_smile:

How come you only go right to left? It seems like you’d have to do less walking if you’d just climb back on facing the other way and go back to the start.

Thanks shay!
Happy to hear that you ride the 36er to work as you plan, you probably an expert 36er rider by now with all those miles behind you… :slight_smile:

I left mine hanging from the ceiling for awhile, but it would be nice to meet again and hit the road with those beasts :smiley:

Keep in touch,

In terms of efficiency you probably right, but I use the walking back as a short mental and physical break (my session doesn’t include any official breaks… :D).
Walking back gives me also time to give myself short feedback about what was wrong/good, and what is need to be done the next try.

2 hours session doing it both sides will be way exhausting for me :wink:

Have fun,

That makes sense :smiley:

Day 7 - 0h45min | Total: 10h20min


Just 45 min session today, no major updates from yesterday. I guess I need to give more saddle hours for it.

At least I had funny moment today:
3 kids and their mom, stood and watched me while I was struggling the 1ftww. With every try they hope that I’ll succeed, and when I didn’t they were very disappointed :smiley:
At this point I thought it would be nice to give them a little show :), so I rode away and passed by them with sweet long 2ftww > 180 hop > and rode back one-footed - the kids were like crazy! they clapped and shout “look he did it!!! he did it!!!”
I thanked them and said they are great audience… their mom looked at me and said “well done! you finally did it!!! what a persistence!”… :astonished:
I guess it’s too much to ask from non-riders to identify the difference between the two skills… :D:D:D

Anyway I have an issue with my frame shoulder (?). It became quite slippery (see pic below), and several time my right foot run out of it, and I had to bail.
What do you say, should I just glue on it a strip of sandpaper (have it on my Qu-ax 20" but it’s peeling easily), or something else?

Have fun,

For the slippery crown, you could try grip tape. BMX flatland riders use grip tape on their axle pegs.