Wheel walk, one foot wheel walk and gliding tutorial

I have just finished making my second video tutorial. It has taken a long time to make and alot of effort but after so many people left coments and emailed me saying how much my 180 unispin tutorial had helped I feel it will be worth it. This is to help people learn to ww, 1ft ww and glide. Hope you like it and I hope It helps.


I like this, I can wheel walk, and learned for the whole purpose of learning to Glide.

I found the error I was making, taking my foot off the tire when trying to 1 foot wheel walk.

that was good…im gonna try 1 footed soon…but i cant wait till i can glide.

That is a really good tutorial. Good job breaking down all the important aspects.

I noticed a couple of spelling and gramatical errors, but it’s no big deal. You also forgot to list yourself as the rider :slight_smile:

Looks really good.

I think it would be much easier and faster (no need to go back to the curb and remount) to learn along a railing, fence or wall. When you can ww its length, learning the curb mount.

I’m working on the wheel walking. It is a pain not being very good at it because I am trying to get to gliding. I am not super great at spelling but the spelling in the tutorial made me laugh.

Very good I think i’ll give that a try tonight it’s still a technique that I cannot do after many attempts but I feel like trying again now

Right on, wheel walking was the next thing i wanted to learn, it still is, I just can’t unicycle at the moment as I injured my leg but soon enough…i am excited and feel this will help a lot!

I have just recently learnt WW and could WW for ages, so I was learning to 1ft WW. The mistake I was making was that I kept lifting my foot of the wheel, so thanks to your tutorial I went from 1 metre to like 10 in 5 miniutes. This is an awsome tutorial, thanks for putting the effort into making it and posting it.

Very useful tips. The unispin vid was great too. Thanks a lot.:slight_smile:

Thanks for all your great comments It makes it all worth it. Sorry about the grammer and spelling I am almost 17 but I am deslexic :o

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I saved it to favorites on YouTube to keep me siked up! (also a bit lisdexic, don’t worry, it will get better as time boes guy)

Hey, thanks a lot!
That was a great tutorial!:smiley:
I’m going out right now to practice:)

I’m back and have lost the edit button, so that’s why i’m posting again:o
I can do around 4 pushes, but every time i fall foward, the uni behind me.
I’m pretty sure im doing something not right as leaning back feels wrong
Does anyone have any special secrets/tips on leaning back while WW?

Other than that,
thanks for the tutorial :wink:
ill keep practicing

I kinda had that problem of leaning back too. I recommend taking your pedals off while you’re still not very good cause if you fall off backwards the pedals can get the back of your legs and sometimes throw you on your back.

Just experiment with leaning back further. I can only go like 5m but I find that you gonna lean back far enough so if you take your foot off the tyre you fall back. Without the pedals on you should hopefully have enough confidence to lean back enough. It’s taken me 5 hours or more to get 5 metres so just keep practising. Good luck. BTW Marcus thanks for the tutorial, it was helpful to me.



My dominant foot is right, I’m also better at one foot riding when my right foot is on the crown, and now I’m not sure which foot I should use for one foot wheel walking… Which one do you people use for kicking when 1 foot wwing?

Which ever one feels easier. And another tip: Have your toes or ball of your foot on the frame (for the foot that isn’t doing the pushing). That way your foot on the frame can’t touch the tyre at all. It’s easier if you’ve got lots of tyre clearance on your frame though.

I know this thread is a bit old, but I’ve been learning to one foot wheel walk lately and have been having trouble. I’m a bit better on my left foot, even though I’m right foot dominant. Still I’ve only been able to go about 8 kicks on the left unassisted and like 3 on the right. My question is, do you want your foot that is NOT doing the kicking to be touching the tire? I’ve watched videos and I really can’t tell. Is that a good idea for learning? I tried it earlier but it seemed there wasn’t enough room on a 1.75 x 20" tire to position my foot on the frame so that it was touching the tire.

No. At least I don’t do it that way. The foot that is kicking stays in contact with the tire at all times, so the other foot is not needed for control.

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