Zack Baldwin's old Red profile wheel. Trials 19" UK Sale only

Hey guys,

I’m selling the red rimmed Profile wheel, as seen in Defect which was used by Zack Baldwin.

Spec is as follows:

Rim- Alex DX32, Bedford powdercoated red,
Hub- Profile, silver
Cranks- Profile, chrome BRAND NEW

I will include all the necessary trimmings to go with it: washers, spacers, smooth bearings, SS Bitchin’ bolts (which cost a lot alone).

The wheel is structurally in very good working condition. Absolutely no creaks whatsoever, spins smoothly, straight, and not a single fault about it except for a few scratches along the side of the rim.

The cranks are totally brand new and I can include the Profile warranty and receipt with it.


KH Fusion Street saddle, brilliant condition, no rips or scratches, red
Try-All 250mm Reinforced seatpost, New condition.
Koxx-One Red seatclamp
Try-All tyre (a bit worn, but very rideable!)

The cranks and splines have been properly fitted and maintained, with copper grease on the splines. The bolts have even been done up evenly in increments to ensure the best fit.

The wheel in itself retails a fair bit over 300 pounds, not to mention, the cranks are brand new and also you get a whole myriad of free new condition components to go with it (worth around 100 pounds new)! A perfect kit for a bare frame!

I’ll sell the bundle for 200 pounds only. International buyers please get in contact if you’re interested, though the shipping costs might be a bit on the highside considering the amount of parts and weight.

Pictures here:

Very tempted, if you still have it when I have enough for it then I’ll take it. No worries if it goes before then. I’m owed some money, so I’ll see if it can be called in. Any Idea on postage cost?

I’m guessing for First Class recorded, around 10-20 pounds… not much really, considering what’s been sent. :slight_smile:

When do you think you’ll get enough money? Just to get an idea, if it’s not too long i may be able to reserve it


Not sure on that, I have mailed 2 people who owe me more than enough, a 3rd person needs cornering, lol. Nah, don’t reserve it, if you find a buyer then go for it, I can’t guarantee how soon I could get the money.

come on sponge, sell me the frame. use the money and get some nice bike trials gear.

That is a really nice uni.

if i sell my t-rex expect a pm from me…

Sorry Conrad, but I’m not really ever going to sell the frame.

Thanks for the interest in the wheel so far guys, just let me know when you’re ready to send off a payment! :wink:

No worries. I have looked into getting a Profile hub & crank set on a few occasions, and this set looks nice built onto the red rim.

Out of curiosity, what frame is that?

It’s The Ti frame, a one-off titanium frame from way back. It’s got pretty decent Miyata lollipop bearings as a clamping design rather than the usual split-design most frames have and with a little mod, they work fantastically (despite popular, yet wrongly-informed belief).

If you watch Defect and Universe 2, you might recognise it in Zack Baldwin’s and Dan Heaton’s scenes, respectively.

It’s what, 5 years old now? :roll_eyes: haha pretty legendary for a trials frame these days.

Just to clarify:

It’s a:

Complete wheel:
Profle Hub
Profile Cranks
Alex DX32 rim powdercoated red by Bedford
KH Fusion Street Saddle (unscratched, no rips, perfect)
Try-All Reinforced Seatpost (as new…)
KOXX Seatclamp (as new… Koxx red clamp, NOT the scratchy black one in pics)
Try-All tyre

All in perfect working condition, with the majority of components being totally spanking brand new

^Only 200 pounds. From stores, this stuff’d cost around double or even more.

Pretty much ALL you need as an upgrade kit for your bare frame. Perfect for those wanting to boost their KH or Koxx frames.

Lol, a rather shameless bump.

My mate recons he can let me know tomorrow as to when I’ll get the money that he owes me. He may be able to spare it tomorrow, in which case I’ll be able to go over and get the money off him on Tuesday.

Just so you know, I’ve had no joy with either person, so I’ll have to wait and see if you have the wheel when I get some money.

No prob, just let me know when there’s some update :slight_smile:

I’m gonna see if my friend wants it. Don’t get your hopes up because I’m pretty sure he wants a Koxx uni.

UK sale only.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Anyone had updates with their economic situation? Whoever buys it really is getting a steal… It’s pretty much a world champion class spec just without a frame.

Lol, economic situation is still shite, lol. I’m seeing my mate Wednesday, so I’ll hastle him some more then.

Any news, guys?

No news. Sorry.