Zack Baldwin's Unicycle from Defect... Profile/KH/Koxx/Tryall!

Hey guys,

I’m selling the red rimmed Profile wheel, as seen in Defect which was used by Zack Baldwin.

Spec is as follows:

Rim- Alex DX32, Bedford powdercoated red,
Hub- Profile, silver
Cranks- Profile, chrome BRAND NEW

I will include all the necessary trimmings to go with it: washers, spacers, smooth bearings, SS Bitchin’ bolts (which cost a lot alone).

The wheel is structurally in very good working condition. Absolutely no creaks whatsoever, spins smoothly, straight, and not a single fault about it except for a few scratches along the side of the rim.

The cranks are totally brand new and I can include the Profile warranty and receipt with it.


KH Fusion Street saddle, brilliant condition, no rips or scratches, red
Try-All 250mm Reinforced seatpost, New condition.
Koxx-One Red seatclamp
Try-All tyre (a bit worn, but very rideable!)

The cranks and splines have been properly fitted and maintained, with copper grease on the splines. The bolts have even been done up evenly in increments to ensure the best fit.

The wheel in itself aloneretails a fair bit over 300 pounds, not to mention, the cranks are brand new and also you get a whole myriad of free new condition components to go with it (worth around 100 pounds new)! A perfect kit for a bare frame!

I’ll sell the bundle for 200 pounds only. International buyers please get in contact if you’re interested, though the shipping costs might be a bit on the highside considering the amount of parts and weight.


Pictures are in this thread (I made this new one because the old one got too clogged up!)
NB: Ignore the creepy crawler, I will include a Try-All tyre instead, and it’s coming with a brand new Koxx clamp, rather than that scratched old black one.

PM’d, I should be able to get it at the end of the week.

(Replied to both threads, on the off chance someone thinks there’s 2 lots up for grabs.)