Yeah, I’m just taking the piss! I’m impressed and I’d love to still be riding and stair jumping at 52! Keep going.

Haha thanks! I know you will be doing way better than me since you’re starting so much younger than me. :slight_smile:

Im not a critic. im just a person telling what i think, and i dont think its bad at all.

Yeah but it might take me a few years to get to the level. I’m still at the learning stages of most things. Yet I’ve already managed to snap a saddle and bend both my cranks!

sorry for double post but…

think of where sean will be in say… 10 years? quad c-flips? man i still have a hard time with doubles.

@Unijuggler what kind of unicycle do you ride?

I didn’t mean you specifically, just in general. Who’s video(s) were you referring to? I’ve made almost 100, so hopefully a few of them have been enjoyed a little. But it’s ok, I just love riding and making videos; it’s gives me a chance to express myself and channel excess energy. I have ADHD, so it’s therepy lol! :slight_smile:

A really cheap one! It only cost 25pounds UK. I got it as a present, but also to see whether I would enjoy it enough to put more money into it. I can safely say all of my money will be going into it! I’m replacing things as I break them and saving for a better complete uni. I’ll probably end up buying a Nimbus or something similar.

i have already posted in a different thread that iv seen craploads of your videos on and youtube before i even talked to you. Question: have you rode with kris yet?

Answer: why should he have done.

Dont put any money into and save for either:

torker DX: 48 spoke, super thick hub, 43mm wide rim, Creepy crawler. good uni for the price. I have one.

Nimbus ISIS: 36 spoke(less heavy), 43 mm rim, not-so-thick hub, but stick strong, creepy crawler, nimbus frame, good frame.

EDIT: or just get a kris holm 20" trials because it cost 100$ less in the uk. lol

Rule that out because he is not in USA.

PS the KH in fact works out £19/ 38$ (about) cheaper for you than us so… yeh you kinda got that wrong.

NEVER MIND READ THE THINGY WRONG. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We don’t have Torkers over here in the UK, but the Nimbus is one I’ve been looking at. I had to make the decision to not put any money into my current unicycle already. Like I said before, I will only spend money to replace broken parts. A set of $20 cranks every other month isn’t a lot really.

Oh, ok lol. sorry, must have not comprehended that peice of text when reading.

We’ve kinda thread jacked this a little! Time to get back to Youtube…!

Yeah I met him for the first time at the '06 CMW, and he actually gave me some advice on drops while on the Tahoe Rim Trail in Truckee, CA.

oooh, i would have screamed like a little girl at a boy band concert if i met that guy. He’s awesome.


What? you think im kidding :thinking: