what are people’s accounts/channels on YouTube? (assuming of course that you have unicycling videos.)

mine is 1wheeledgrape, im workin on a video now so whan thts finished ill put it on there and mabey vimeo. i dont have any vids yet tho

I don’t have any unicycling videos, but some okayish juggling and in the future I will have a lot more unicycling, and better juggling videos.
check out my videos!!

All 92 of my videos can be found here: (My total views are just shy of 100,000! [ 98,200] So watch some again and get me to the big 100k! :slight_smile: )

cause all your vids are like amazing terry.

Not bad unidude but i still dont think that its worth watching. not even yours. sorry:o

I just made 3 different vignettes for our unicycle club “Da Enhjulers” (Da Unicyclers) Please tell me which one is the best :smiley:
EDIT: they are not showing atm :frowning: try searching for Da Enhjulers instead :smiley:

i didnt do it for anyone but me, so i dont give a damn. sorry:o

Thanks UnidudeDX! I like your videos too…you find some cool, creative things for trials!:smiley:

haha i would defend u anytime terry, but i think he was saying MY videos suck…

When i say its not worth watching i mean on tv. like if i were youtubing and i were to come across it i would go hmmm. this guy hasnt been riding for very long. i mainly look for good tutorials and pro riding ON YOUTUBE. but if i were to develope a friendship with someone that were at a lesser level of me i would definetly encourage them and enjoy watching there material.

i didnt say they sucked. they DO NOT SUCK. :slight_smile:

Well, they don’t at all. I think it’s all about having fun and learning new stuff and loving what you do. Don’t worry about critics; A lot of times when movie critics gives a movie a bad review, it turns out to be a huge box office hit, and sometimes all the critics give a film a 10, and it bombs! :roll_eyes:

If our uni videos bring enjoyment to some, then I’m happy for that. As part of the famous quote goes, “you can’t please all the people all of the time.” :slight_smile:

There’s no way you’re 52. Are you taking the piss?!

german stuff

Haha is that a local UK saying? You list your age as 92…i find that even harder to believe! I hope I’m still riding when I’m that age!:stuck_out_tongue: (But yeah, 52 that’s the awful truth :o)

and hes still da sh*t!!!