YouTube? Me Tube!

So, I thought I’d bung in a few key words in to YouTube to see what I could find… and guess what… I found me!

Yup, that’s me, riding home from work 3 months ago. (I’m the one on the unicycle, not one of the giggling knobs in the car)
I’m kind of flattered that I made it on to YouTube without knowing it, and kind of pleased that I can share with the rest of the world what I put up with on my daily commute nearly every day!

Still… at least I brightened up someones day!


Lol, thats cool… but not how its supposed to be funny :frowning:

Those idiots personify the ignorant boobs that laugh like dumbshits and sing that annoying circus crap! I would have been so perfect an ending had they crashed into a tree! THAT would have made my day!:stuck_out_tongue:

still they found it worth their time to film you and put it on the internet! it says nothing of clown or whatever in their description, it even says ‘man on bike’ and the title is ‘unicycle in london’, it looks dark so they mightve had a drink… explaining the giggling xD

Perfect description.

Well its under Comedy and they’re humming the circus thingy :angry:

my post buttons broken…hang on a minute :thinking:

Personly I’d remove it, only you can youtube yourself.

Lighten up people!

I would be glad that I brought a moment of happiness to those sad, sad peoples lives! Ha Ha!
Seriously, I choose to ride a one wheeled bike, it makes me happy, I don’t have to please anyone else!

Nice one Spencer! I wish I was as famous as you!

Rock on!

You’re in public. No-one needs your permission to film or photograph you. And that’s how it should be. If you do things in public, you should expect people might see them.

A unicycle is odd, so people notice it (and make comments). The same as if you saw a guy on an elephant walking past, you might think to say something, or to take a photo. Part of the joy of unicycling is that you’re giving people something to talk about, and like Ed says bring a little interest into their day.

If you don’t have the imagination to realise why someone on a one wheeled bike, riding through London traffic is pretty funny, then you really need to book a sense of humour check, try and look at from the point of view of someone who doesn’t unicycle.


Pre ridding I would have found a unicycle interesting, but not funny

Good comments on Youtube so far.

Well it seemed pretty tame to me. The amusement seemed genuine. Nobody shouted “Fall off, fall off”.

Far worse is the forced laughter, because that’s designed to be derogatory, and the people who genuinely seem to want me to hurt myself.

I don’t care why people do it any more, I just ignore them.

Thanks for the encouragement guys, and I just love the comments on YouTube.

GK, I’m not offended at all. Why should I be? That’s just a normal part of commuting in London. I probably clock about 3 or 4 people a day pointing a camera phone at me, and I’m sure there’s more that I don’t spot, but all in all, I take it as a compliment. Most of the comments I hear are very positive, lots are uniquie to the person saying them (No one else could have thought of “You’ve lost a wheel mate”, surely?), some are just bizarre, and only the odd ones here and there are derogatory.


I prefer this You Tube video of you Semach

Quick guys, the owner has come back and put down our unicycle friendly comments! :astonished: