Finding Random Blogs/Pictures of Yourself is Exciting

I was randomly searching for “unicycle commute” on Flickr in the hopes of seeing random onlooker’s photos of unicyclists I may know and on the first page I saw a picture of myself commuting to work. I followed the user’s site and saw a blog post about it:

“Things you don’t expect to see in traffic: Unicycles”

I thought there had to be something floating around with all of the random pictures that get taken of me while I commute or ride around DC.

Has anyone else randomly searched blogs or photo sites for pics or blogs of themselves? It is just a blog post, and however small and insignificant it may be, it still made my day.

That light takes forever to turn green, so I usually just dismount instead of hopping forever. I actually usually ride across as well, but I guess this was one of the few occasions where I decided to walk across.

Then let’s revive this thread. :wink:

Once I searched for “enhjuling” (that is “unicycle” in Swedish) in a blog search engine to see if I could find any interesting unicycle blogs. To my surprise I spotted the words (translated) “unicycle”, “Chinese” and “university” in the same sentence. Interesting. The blog post was quite short, so I’ll translate it for you:

No photos, but I only know one Chinese who commutes on a unicycle in Sweden: that would be me. Needless to say, that post put a smile on my face.

Ah, like this you mean?

Sadly the video has been taken down for some time now, and I never made a copy of it. Wasn’t exactly the highest quality, greatest camera angles, or most provocative script… but it was a film of me by complete strangers posted on youtube!