Your Uni at work

I have to say, Well said. Atleast you brought some warm insight to the relationship we for have with our uni’s. Thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:

Finally remembered to take a pic of my uni at work. Have about 160 miles logged so far this year.
Mounted a dynamo a few weeks ago. Works great. Should have done that a long time ago. I had several light failures this year. With the dynamo there is always a back up. This summer i want to get the E-Werk power charger.

Photo won’t upload. I’ll try when I get home.

Here is the pic. It uploaded after shrinking it.


Is that an airport? I would love to be taking off and see a guy on a 36er chasing the plane down the runway.:smiley:

Yup. It’s an airport. (SEA-TAC). I used to ride through the bagwell. Got chased and threatened by airport security. Airport rules ban all personal vehicles in the bagwells. It used to say no bicycles. The rules now cover everything. Some of my colleagues used to skate board through there. At night when I come to work I’ll ride down the bag claim sidewalk outside the terminal.

It’s been nice enough to ride in a few times the last couple of weeks.

I have a new neighbor in my cubicle: my new trial uni :slight_smile:

Very useful to have a ride with a coworker that is learning to ride after lunch or just play around the parking lot to improve my jumps/drops/sif/you-name-it.

And the days I commute with my 29er, I have almost a bi-cycle sitting in my cubicle :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Riding AT Work.

This was taken a year ago during the last week of school. I have dreams of riding the 26" TO work. That would be something! You guys riding 29ers and 36ers are so awesome!

That is such a cool uni! I love all the bells and whistles it has :slight_smile:

No lock :astonished: :thinking:

That’s an expensive risk on that uni.
(Unfortunately w/ most unis, including your’s, there’s no way of locking completely)

I bring mine in with me :stuck_out_tongue:

It was built up slowly over the past few years. The winter commute here is very wet and dark.

Don’t have a lock. Haven’t found a secure one that is light. My commute pack gets quite heavy at times. The record weight was 40 pounds. That weight is rough on everything. The few times I’ve ridden it to the store I took it in with me. I need to find a good lock though. The uni is covered on my house insurance. I’d prefer not to test the claims process. I use vigilance when I have to leave it unattended. So far the only time it’s left unattended is at work.

Hey 57UR, great video! (I watched a couple others also.) I like the way the kids are amazed. It’s fun when the “older” folks do something they can’t.
Keep up the good work!

The 36" ready for the 30 Mile ride home…

And a few of liters of Mountain Dew.

Here’s my 36" at work:

Already hit 18.7 kmh (little over 11 mph) with it riding down the corridor :smiley:



My uni at work…

(my office is an office - outside is a bit more “iconic”)

Thanks LanceB!
It was a ton of FUN !