Your Uni at work

Like many of you I ride to work most of the time and thought it would make a change to see some unis at work.

Surprisingly despite the crazy over the top Health and Safety that we have at work, I get away with a bloody great wheel next to my desk :stuck_out_tongue: (it is in the corner of the rook so well out the way), the 24" and 26" used to fit under the desk, the 29er had to be lent at an angle but also fitted under there but the 36er stood no chance.

All my managers are cool with it and a have a pretty key role in the company so get left alone, I may get in trouble if I did some laps first thing in the morning before anyone got it in though :smiley:

So lets see your work Uni pictures

I cant ride to work :frowning: there is no were for me to lock up :frowning:

Me neither hence bringing it in doors with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow - I hope to implement the “Uni to Work” method soon!!!

Feisty, I gotta tell you that this post of yours caught me right in the middle of doing my last checks regarding the route from my home to my workplace (in Tel-Aviv, Israel) in order to overcome the traffic in the morning and basically have fun by uni-cycling on the 36er I have ordered 2 weeks ago… :slight_smile:

The route to work is consists of 3 parts:

1- Riding from my home via a wooden area about 3 KM to a bus/shuttle terminal.
2- Boarding to a shuttle (one every 5-10 min.) and within 7 minutes reaching Tel-Aviv (fast lane).
3- Riding another ~8 KM via bicycle path until my work place via a park area.

The problems I still have to solve are these:

1- Will I need to take a shower after the ride or will it only be enough to change clothes?
2- Will the 36" wheel be able to easily carried onto the shuttle, or I should expect objection from the bus driver? BTW - folding bikes are allowed while the only condition is that they must be folded in a carry bag.
3- I have my backpack with laptop (so it’s kind of heavy) - would it have any impact on the ride - besides heating my back some more :slight_smile: - for example: impact on the balance?

BTW - I have attached some pics of the 3 areas of this planned route for general impression.

I’d appreciate your comments very much!





I have a shower at work but it is only round the corner so I just cruise along so don’t get sweaty (it is never hot here at 6am anyway) :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you are a sexy blond with big boobs if you intend on convincing a bus driver to let you take a 36er on a bus :stuck_out_tongue:

A back pack should pose no issue and you should naturally adapt as you would riding a hill or in the wind, the main issue I would have is coming off and landing on it :wink:

On a side note it is great to see some lovely pictures of Israel as in the west we are constantly bathed in negative images and politics rather than of the beautiful parts of your country and the normal everyday folk who are just living their lives like everyone else :slight_smile: I hope you will post some pictures in the main picture thread as well:)

Thanks for the warm words - as per your request here are some pictures of Israel in a positive context :slight_smile: taken during my other hobby activity - Paragliding.

BTW - I’m not a blond with… whatever you said :slight_smile: but actually 33 years old father of 2 so I guess I will need to think of a different way to bypass the bus driver…
My wife doesn’t like my rather new hobby of unicycle riding and I gotta tell one more thing about it - neither do my work colleagues when they first heard of my intention of arriving to work that way (and giving up on my company car) - I am BTW a department manager, so I should give an example to the other employees on what not to do :slight_smile: so it makes it a little harder - just kidding, it doesn’t.








My 26 Muni. The first time I took it to work, surprisingly the security men was so kind (or confused), we had a small talk and then naturally I took the first elevator greeting him “have a nice day”… what a relief!!! :smiley:

But then I realized that my unicycle don’t bother the security at all, and they find it very cool way to get to work - I have to agree with that… :slight_smile:

Have fun,

34 year old father of two here and I unfortunately don’t have any of those either otherwise I wouldn’t ever leave the house :stuck_out_tongue:

lol make it part of your staffs development plan to ride a Uni, no uni no promotion!!!

Great pics and second hobby :sunglasses: maybe you could combine them and land onto a uni :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had pics… I ride my unicycle as part of my job. I live on a nature preserve with a trail system, and use a muni to get around checking on things. The visitors along with my employers get a kick out of having a “mounted patrol”. Last year, the local paper did an article on the wooden bows and arrows I make, along with my job as a resident manager, and of course there was a big front page pic of me on a uni, holding a bow and an arrow. My boss laminated it and it’s hanging in the township hall. It’s nice being able to be eccentric.

Nice idea - I will take it into consideration towards my employees’ next annual reviews :slight_smile:
I just hope my boss won’t consider my uni-cycling as a reason for degradation in my annual review…

My uni normally waits outside on a bike rack. It is on supervised parking so I don’t even lock it. Photo is from first days of January so no so many bikers. The racks are full in summer.
I had my 20" inside some times and lately a giraffe when it was delivered and nobody complained about it.


I am riding to work today hope it goes well :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah! That’d be the life. I shoot trad. archery too, though I don’t make bows. Would love to see some of your work!

I need to find a way to land a job like that!

I sometimes ride my uni for work. I normally work as a bike courier but on the quiet days I use the uni to deliver the enveLopez:

I try to ride at least one day a week even in cold weather. In the photo the tire is covered with salt from the roads.

2013 02 04 Unicycle at work 1a.jpg

So, you might be called a “semiprofessional unicyclist”?


How pedestrian.

I hand my uni to the valet on my way into the office.

I wouldn’t want my secretary to soil her stockings with the grime from my wheel.

At the last minute, the weather turned sunny today, so I decided it would be a good chance to give Gargantu-Wheel her first commute. It was 14 miles of pure pleasure, and 20 minutes faster than the 29er! Weeeeee! :smiley: Here she is tucked into my squalid little cube:

@yooneenoob: That is my favorite light ever! super bright! also are thoes maggie mounts white?

Some pics from today’s afternoon ride