Your Uni at work

That a 29er? thats a huge tire

No, its just a 20 in wheel…but I will order a 29er in two weeks! (finally saved enough coke cans!)

That is a cool photo Danomite33 but can I ask how can a fighter be lethal and survivable?

@raw i was thinking the same thing

Here’s my 26" again (this time with mounted Magura rim brakes, thanks digger, and respositioned light), in the background you can see my 20".



Forgot the attachement :roll_eyes:


Beautiful unicycle, Byc. I’d love one of those.

Nice to have an important role in a company/ Sucks to be stuck in a bland cubicle-like office with nothing more than a monitor to stare at all day. Different strokes for different folks I suppose…

Nice to have a “key role”/ Sucks to be stuck in a bland cubicle-like office
staring at a monitor all day. You sure they gave you the right “key” :o? Different spokes for different folks I guess. :sunglasses:

Wow a shower too ? But you don’t use it, so why tell us about it ?HMMMM. I have a phone in my bathroom. :sunglasses:

I do think it’s awesome that other people ride to work as well. I find it the best way to start my day. May take a pic if I feel like playing show and tell. :slight_smile:

Here’s an old one of one my unis at work. The one on the ground to the right is the original uni.5.


In my workplace I usually keep mu uni under bunk. Now I’m sorry I haven’t taken it with me. I’ve been expecting lot of snow here in Norway, but this year winter was very mild there was a lot of opportunities for me to ride in this beautiful country. Thence, I’m not able to show You where I keep my uni yet. Picture from last summer shows on background the vessel on which I work.

This pic speaks volumes. I was a bit baffled by the official start of this thread. I visited it thinking it had more to do with the idea of commuting to work rather than sad pics of idle uni’s in an alien enviroment. So I say Ride to work and work to Ride my friends.

Very cool . Much more interesting than an idle uni in a sad cubicle next to a stack of papers. Granted not everyone can ride around their workplace ‘even if they play a key role there’ but come on people. Let’s get back to what makes a unicyclist a unicyclist. I don’t give a crap about your shower at work or any identity you try to convey other than that of a uncyclist. Pics or stories related to the RIDE to and home from work or in this lucky fellow’s situation, ridin’ at work, would be more ideal for those of us who don’t rely on our jobs for our identities. Yup Yup.:stuck_out_tongue:

Rockin on the clock:) nice.

Well said. The creator of this thread should take heed, we will not conform. We will be free regardless of our sad cubicles or dismal industrial enviroments. Free yourself but if you can’t, please don’t imprison and immortalize through image the innocent unicycle. Someone needed to be the voice for the unicycle. This thread can thrive in the right hands. I look forward to an inspired direction with no thanks to the creator of this thread.

Ride on, ride on, here’s my conribution to this (uni at 1:12).




here is my contribution (now that I remembered to take a pic and found a coworker with a smartphone :p).

For sure, it is not as nice as the ride to work and definitely far from the usual muni bliss. However, having my loyal uni with me at work always bring me a smile and when I am looking outside (I have a cubicle with view), there is the two of us dreaming to be out there :smiley: :smiley:


Hell Yeah. I’m putting this tune on my mp3 and goin for a ride with a screw it all, just be me attitude. Thanks for showing LIFE exists beyond the 4 wallls that always try to contain us. Thanks, this made my day.