yahhh!!!! My first 100 yrd rail grind!!

Hurahh!!! I have finally had my first 100 yrd grind, I have pictures but I’m on my blackberry right no,.
So I can’t upload my pics on it. So I wanna see other peoples pics of them making an amazing grind.


I’m curious as to your definition of grind…

Or yrd

yrd = yard = 39’’ i think.

Which measurement system are you going by?! :thinking:

If he did mean a yard that is 3 feet, which is 36 inches each yard.

I’d really like to see this grind!

No, it’s half a fathom.
At least that’s how I always remember it.
Or 8 fingers.
Look 'em up

You grinded (ground?) the length of a football field??? :astonished: What the hell were you grinding??? :thinking:

UniDudeDX’s ego.

101 yard grind comp anyone? ^^


Was it on the jugglebug uni?

No, on this! :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe this!

^^^What length crank is that?

Maybe he went here.

But I doubt it.

I think it’s 140mm.

A old buddy of mine got konked in the head with one of these by his wife…it was “grounds” for divorce! :stuck_out_tongue:

there is video of guys grinding 666 ft on roller blades, so this isn’t necessarily impossible.

I’ll see it when I believe it…no wait…ok whatever, you know what I mean.:o

Nah he didn’t roll up to it, Shaun J thinks its lame then… :roll_eyes:

No it wasn’t on my jugglebug I have a new Torker 20" DX (red).
I used my Torker to RAIL grind on a 300 foot(long) railing,
I do have pics, but I can’t upload them right now I’m traveling so I only have my blackberry with me.
Plus the railing was atleast
three feet off the ground.
I could only get up there by getting a running start and jumping up from the ground onto the railing. Anf there I went.
Yes I was talking about yards (3 feet)

Anyone else reminded of this boasting post?