XTP(new) vs KH 2007

How does everyone think the new lighter XTP compares to the KH 07, I don’t want to hear about price, I want to hear about quality:) . The XTP is 10.73lb and the KH is 12.45lb does that make a huge difference Which one is better, Please tell me all you know.

Thanks to all:D

Ive never ridin the xtp, but my KH is awsum, feels great, its lite, and really strong

I think that weight only really matters if you are doing tricks. With trials it won’t matter if your uni is a few pounds heavier, most people don’t even notice.
So since the XTP is only really for trials then the fact that it is slightly lighter shouldn’t matter.

The XTP now has the light koxx cranks that I think yoggi said was weaker so that probably isn’t a good thing.

I think you would only really use the xpt in competitions, or if you had a limitless income. Kh is stronger.

xtp is a better trials uni… but if you want to ride trial, and for example street, you`d have to go with the kh.

kh is more an allround uni, the xtp is only for trials riding,

and i think if youre a trials rider, and only ride trial, you should go with the xtp. my friend just got his xtp, and its extremely nice, and light…

XTP is better for trials if you aren’t going to do big drops. It not very strong. Rim, cranks, seat post clamp and frame suck. For big trials and street KH -07 is way better. KH frame is cheaper and lighter. In my opinion XTP suck.


The XTP has weaker cranks, a very weak round crown frame, and the frame and rim are both made out of an inferior metal compared to KH.

round crown frames are the strongest BY FAR (design wise)
i bet the XTP is stronger.

I think you losse your bet, Joe Hoedges has riden both and he said that the KH frame was stronger.

did he break it?
it looks way stronger, but if its not oh well.
I still havn’t heard of anyone breaking one.
anyways, round crown is stronger, i know that much for sure. There is a reason ALL bmx forks are made that way.

He deff. put a crak in the crown of his XTP.

Saying all rounded crowns are stronger is a little bit risky, I wouldn’t say the nimbus I frame is stronger than a KH just because it has a rounded crown. There are a whole heap of variables that come in to play to determine the strength of a frame, picking a single one as an indicator will never be very accurate.

Bmx s are built with round crowns on the front forks for clearance reasons - square crowns might catch on the frame when steering


I’d say production price (less welding, less parts) and a square fork would bump against the frame when spinning the handle bar.
…this said I am clueless on the square/round frame strengh debate, I think it all depends on the kind of constraint you put into your frame, forces don’t apply on unis frame and bikes forks the same way.

some forks like Answer…that are ran on the smaller bikes are made out of carbon fiber and are super strong…and they are a square fork…they are also ran on the bikes that grown men ride,but they are primarily used for racing…

ive been riding 3 months and its time for a, real uni.

its payday on tuesday and i want ethier a KH 07 with 137mm street cranks or an XPT with 140mm cranks.

now i dont actually get why the kh is more for street than trails? is it just because it has a flat crown and slighty shorter cranks, for more flow in your riding?

if i brought the XPT (which is only £320 in the sale by the way, £50 more than a KH!) i would still be able to go down stair sets, on rails and everything like that which is what street is, right?

also what is the seat like on the XPT? it says its a luxury trails saddle. has anyone got this?

i only use the flat crown to ride one footed at the moment so having a flat crown doesnt really bother me and i mean, what other tricks do you people use the crown for?

they both look amazing but obvousily the XPT has got that extra sparkle to it.
i cant make my mind up just by reading the other comments about it so some new input to me personally would be a great help!

thanks alot! :slight_smile:


Whatttt?!?!?!?! Haha I have never heard of anyone having trouble with any double bolted clamp of decent quality. lol

Really, us Unicyclist are cheap bastards.

Most bike trials riders, just their frame costs more than our whole Unicycle does, anywhere from $400-$1500 and maybe more?

A Triton Sponge for the $450? Isn’t that expensive really.

Anything over $550 for this community seems to be too much, but just think a couple years back… wasn’t the KH Pro model around $800?

Limitless income is quite the exaggeration :wink:

yeah some frames are alot more than that!

i really dont know which one to get :frowning: money isnt an issuse :o

get a kh and a triton (you dont need a XTP when you have a Triton)

then ride both and sell the one you donw want or keep both if money isnt an issue :wink:

why don’t you just go custom if money isn’t an issue?

pm me if you need help choosing parts and stuff.