XTP(new) vs KH 2007

let me re answer.

the XTP is pretty awesome.
really strong frame, and the frame is like a work of art.
hub and cranks are really strong, and have no q factor which I like.
the rim is probably a bit stronger than the kh one, although because they are drilled there both aren’t bombproof.
it comes with a pit fighter which is way stronger than the KH posts.

if price wasn’t an issue I’d get the XTP for trials for sure.

edit: or an xtp with triton frame

EDIT: sorry there is an option to buy a pit fighter post with it.

yeah it will have to be the xpt then, i should get it on the 25th if they deliver in 3 days :smiley: and it doesnt come with a pit fighter seat post on unicycle.uk.com.

thanks for the replies :slight_smile:



Because of my obvious bias, I’m not going to try to convince you one way or another. However, just a couple of questions/opinions:

In my opinion, a lot of the “distinctions” between street and trials unis are pretty artificial. How many top trials riders never want to put their foot on the frame? How many tech street riders never land hard off a big drop to flat, or never do a pure trials line? There are very few riders who are that specialized. Plus, most riders tend to switch around their styles over time, to keep things interesting.

Also, is there really a difference in strength requirements between street and trials? In my opinion, rider weight, skill, and agression level are way, way more important factors. Using strength or weight to differentiate between a “street” or “trials” uni doesn’t take any account of this.

I’m all for equipment specialization when it makes sense. But you have to differentiate between a real need for it, and specialty unicycles dreamed up as marketing niches. Hence why the KH20 is simply called a trials/street uni.


great point kris :slight_smile:

Go custom.

For the amount of money you are going to sink into an XTP, you could get a much nicer with prefered color scheme. To do this though, you need knowledge of what goes together, what parts are compatible etc. This is definitely not the newbie way. I would get a KH07 (or even 08 if it comes out in time), learn about stuff on this sight, and then go all out.

If you want help in what you want on a custom uni, PM me.

My 0.02

Yeah, I vote custom. I ride a custom uni now boy is it nice.

I think a lot of wether or not you like a unicycle is how you think of it.

Like, if you get yourself a custom unicycle that has a custom color scheme, it might not actually perform much better than a stock one, but because you think it does it can give you confidence and let you do things you otherwise wouldn’t have had the confidence to do.

Well I know my uni doesn’t preform better than a stock trials. Maybe a little bit because it has 150’s, but that really shouldn’t make or break a trials. The rim is a a little less being it the old kh rim, but it is wide enough for me.

What the heck is the “XTP”? All this talk about it and no specs or pic…at least in this thread. I searched the archives and came up zippo.:frowning: Is it a Koxx 1 uni?


A Simple question: Anyone already broken a Koxx ISIS Light Crank…??

I’m seruously thinking in one for me…

AND, What type of alloy The standart XPT uses? 7000? 6061? 7075?.


The XTP uses 6061 alu. that is CNC machined.

from the mouth of cody williams…
yoggi told him to get the light cranks.
and if you have seen how many parts cody has broken…
should be enought to convince anyone of their strength

All Around Great Uni

I am mostly a MUni and then Trials rider. The XTP would be a nice frame to have for trials. Howeve it is important to be able to put your feet on the crown sometimes. I have posted threads and replies where I state how much riding backwardsw and one footed riding really help improve your MUni capabilities. This is so true and if you are like me and just want to practice one footed riding every once in a while it will be hard to do on an XTP where you have no place to put your foot. Really good riders weather they are Rtials, MUni or Street like to fool around sometimes. I myself want to get good at gliding and coasting. These are two skills that would be very hard to learn on an XTP. Kris hit it on the head when he said that strengh needed is a factor of aggresiveness, style, skill and rider size. When I land a drop with a flawless roll out it does not even feel like a drop!


And snapped 2 KH frames aparently. :smiley:

Just to clarify, the XTP is a stronger frame, even the original version.

Reasons are given in previous posts of mine, sift through if interested.

Unicorn, it’s still possible to do 1-footed and glide on the XTP… very much so. It’s just your foot is a bit higher when leaning it on.