Yep, that’s the spot.


Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

That’s very True.


i could explain why this is here but you guys seem to be enjoying it so why ruin a good thing…

basicly,this post cloned itself with my “widest V-brake” thread so i edited it to X

look at the times 7:44pm.

O’k I’ll take that back jagur. I apologies. We though it was the spot that we taught to ride on the spot or land on the spot.
So, I’m sorry mate. And o’k I see what you mean on what you just said. I get the picture.:wink:

I thought you were talking about the cool roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain:

(which was broken when we went down to ride it last summer!)

Then I thought you fell asleep with your finger on the Enter key. I’ve done it… :slight_smile:

Common Mistake

I think jagur has gotten lazy and forgot the other two, X’s. I think the correct spelling is XXX.

Or he is drunk from australian XXXXX