X-mas JAM in skatepark Hasselt

HQ version is coming later!

Great vid! Lots of variety and looks like an awesome skate park.

yeah great video, liked it alot, really showed the fun in unicycling.

I give that the best feel good movie I’ve ever seen. Really entertaining, and radical skatepark. Who of that group is going to wunschkonzert?

-Shaun Johanneson

man! I loved it!

I enjoy to watch videos like this one with a lot of unicyclists just hanging and having fun.

In videos like this one i have to watch two times. One for counting how many unicyclists and one to watch the tricks.

Here when i ride we are always in 3 or 2 riders so it is really cool to watch like 10 ridind on a skate park

I liked the editing too


I like DustinSchaap vids, it’s something decent that pops up in the sea of junk.

The filming and editing I thought worked fine. This vid just has an ‘it’ factor that doesn’t make it a typically badly-filmed and cackly-edited poor vid that I see a lot of the time.

Big thumbs up, and I liked Peter’s bent post too haha :roll_eyes:

Like always, nice editing from Dustin.

I’m going to Wunschkonzert (I’m the one bending the post on the 3set flip) and Dustin is going to.

Peter M

Cool, I liked it. I liked the bent post too, I don’t think I want one of those;)

That Skatepark Looks Like Heaven!!!

wow thats a sick park. good vid to

well it looks big but it issend that big
but it is a nice skate park
liked riding with all those people
i’m that crazy guy with the orange unicycle;)

so next big international meeting in belgium>?:stuck_out_tongue:

sweet skate park! I might actually be able to do a few things there!:stuck_out_tongue:

a really fun and entertaining video

Thanks for all the comments guys!

The HQ version just got added on UTV: http://unicycle.tv/video/451-X-masJAMinskateparkHasselt

Enjoyable :slight_smile: Looks like a cool little well thought out skatepark that would love to ride it.

did anyone grind that whole rail at 2:35ish?

I tried, got to over half but the whole rail is 8 meters, 7 from where i jump… next time I get there (5 hour train journey) I’ll try it again :roll_eyes: I could probably land it but I didn’t want to spend an hour trying