WTF is... Extreme Unicycling


For someone who is not a unicyclist, I have to say that was pretty well researched. Not perfect perhaps but pretty damn good. I even learnt a thing or two! :wink:


That was a good watch…at least the first 17 minutes.

I’d too say, that I would not have expected such level of information from a person outside the unicycle world. He really did a good job in researching all of this information and footage.
It might have helped, that he comes from the world of parcour that is also a niche sport like ours.
As he reaches a huge audience, this video may help to spread our sport.


Saw it yesterday. As everyone else here says, it’s pretty well researched. Especially as he says he’ll cover “extreme unicycling” but still manages to mention a lot of the other discipline.

Had no idea that Jana broke the world speed record at 40mph though… :rofl:

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I just discovered this video because Youtube suggested it to me. Pretty well done and entertaining to watch. As a newbie, I also didn’t know that the sport is this young. Great community though .

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I am really impressed that somebody who doesnt unicycle did the best documentation about our sport. I think he nearly missed nearly nothing.

He gave me a call just few days before publishing the video asking really curious about how I see the future of the sport. I dont know if he interviewed other riders too but great to see that he invested so much work.


I’m quite impressed too.

Mimo came at me with some of questions he was asked by the maker of this video. He felt like he didn’t have enough knowledge to respond to some of the questions, so I helped him out. I also linked Dan’s “Revolution One” which has all the information needed. I don’t know if JimmyTheGiant or his team got around to watch it or not.


I thought the video was great. Many people seem to think that unicyclist are geeky or odd looking. He mentions this a couple of times. I have never agreed with that. I think we look cool as shit! :crazy_face:


Yeah for a non-unicyclist - he sure did great. SO fun to see all the old footage!!! But his conclusion at the end? That’s the real WTF.

This video by Jimmy the Giant deserves some kind of :trophy: award for the best video on unicycling by a non-unicyclist … in my humble opinion.

Parts of the story telling appears to be inspired by Dan Heaton’s great documentary Revolution One: A Story of Off-Road Unicycling on Vimeo. It’s nice to see him crediting the people whose footage and opinions he included.

I’d like to quote Jan Niediek’s YouTube comment here (country flags added by me):

And apparently he just missed the super recent new Time Trial Record 1 hour Unlimited:
Simon Jan :fr: 33.365km Dol-de-Bretagne, France, 10 October 2021
(according to IUF World Records « International Unicycling Federation)

Lots of funny and interesting comments below Jimmy’s YouTube video – check that out.


Some time back Jimmy did a video about Inline Skating (Rollerblading) and how it went from being a big sport to losing much of it popularity.

It is another fun video and again well researched. Interestingly, in that video you can see that, during the researching of it he does develop some level of interest

Sure enough he recently put out a new video where he learns to do some of the basics of roller blading.

Now is where it gets interesting. At the end of THAT video he says

“If you want to see me do more challenge videos like this, comment something below that you’d like me to try out”

So, who here wants to go to that video and suggest the obvious? :wink:

(I do not have a Google/Youtube account, and have no intention to create one, so it can’t be me).

EDIT: OK I see one person suggested it already but I think we need more!

EDIT 2: One of you guys in the UK has to go and offer.

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@rogeratunicycledotcom Ask him to come up to your headquarters. It’d good publicity for the sport and you might sell a few unicycles to his followers :+1:

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Good idea. I will.


Even Ed Pratt did a comment on the video!

Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-11 um 09.38.35

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There are many well known names in the comments …

Do you mean finnspin or Kris Holm? :grinning:

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It was a great overall video but I was a bit disappointed that the name Nimbus never featured. I guess it was covered by mentioning UDC but in terms of brands - I’d say it wouldn’t be hard to see that the most common are KH and Nimbus.

Be great if there was a Part II to this video with longer form interviews with “the greats” in the space!

both and many more
(Kris Holm, Jack Sebben, Nathan Hoover, Beau Hoover, Mimo Seedler, Lutz Eichholz, Klaas Bil, Corbin Dunn, Ian Dylewski (RideOne),, Jan Niedeck, and some others …)


That’s one of the great things about this sport. Even as a novice you’re able to interact with the legends. If you were to get into basketball or tennis what would the chances be of your regularly communicating with the likes of Larry Bird or Serena Williams?

I suppose that’s because basketball and tennis have a market thousands of times larger, but its still very cool to see that the celebrities of the sport are just regular people who happen to be extremely good at unicycling and are generally quite happy to tell you how they train or what equipment they use.