WTF is... Extreme Unicycling

Totally agree. My youngest son had to do a project about someone who inspired him so he chose Eli Brill, partly cos he’s a unicyclist and partly cos he’s also Eli. Anyway, we got in touch with Eli Brill and he was so helpful.


yepp! And even at the age of 61, I still try my unicycle and ride around the block. Great sport! :wink:

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I can’t be the first person to post this, but I came across it on the Youtube sidebar, not here. If this is a redundant post, my apologies, but I learned a lot from this vid. I just recently got back into uni, and knew nothing about the history, or the extent of the community, until now - it is an awesome thing! This video does a nice job of giving a good overview of the sport, from its beginnings to today. And I like the dude’s attitude as an outsider to the sport - he’s respectful, while still acknowledging the inherent quirkiness of what we do.
WTF is… Extreme Unicycling

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You are not the first…

But yes, it’s a great video, even more so for being done by an outsider.

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Thanks, finnspin. Next time I will be sure to search the website before I post!

@newuser I mean we could always say he’s missing some riders, or some details, but he got the basics down well.

I you’re interested in learning more, Dan Heaton did a great documentary, as previously mentioned in the thread, but here is it once more :smiley:

“Revolution One” is a feature length documentary taking a look at the sport of off-road unicycling. The film combines current and historical footage from the last 30 years with interviews from pioneers of the sport.

“I created this film out of my passion and involvement in the sport of unicycling and to celebrate and promote the amazing community of riders.” - Dan Heaton


Thanks Emile. I’m halfway through it, it is quite good and fills in a lot of detail. Clearly JimmyTheGiant got a lot of info from this film. I still can’t believe one of the foremost ‘inventors’ of off-road unicycling was a middle-aged judge from Alaska! One of the great things, to me, about our sport is the grassroots nature of its birth/growth. It will all make for a great backstory when it comes time to introduce unicycling to the audience watching the Olympics, someday…

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Check out Rough Terrain Unicycling next. George Peck was getting to be an old man when he made it and when you consider that and the fact that he was riding on garbage unicycles and practically inventing the sport out of whole cloth, his skills seem almost on the same level as Kris Holm’s.

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I know I’m late here, but shouldn’t we be less happy about this? He clearly put his own research into this and added his own style, but he acknowledged Dan Heaton’s other videos and not Revolution One. He used a lot of footage from it and instead of citing the film, he credited Dan Heaton directly, and in a couple of cases he cited George Peck for footage that was lifted from Revolution One.

I get that it’s exciting when our beloved sport gets acknowledged but I don’t know that we should sell out the people who’ve made the sport what it is.

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