WTB USED KH CF seatbase(seat?)

title says it all. i have $50 … i’m looking for used, not harshly abused.


doubt your going to get one. people like their cf bases…

Yeah, save up and get a new one if you can.

its worth a shot
i’ll do that when i exhaust ALL other options. $100 for a CF seatbase is absurd.
don’t argue it, i have made a seatbase from fiberglass, i may make my own CF if i can’t find a used one.

nice i was just about to suggest that…

Finally someone who realizes how overpriced the carbon fiber product group is.

yea it is…

Not really that overpriced. I seat is like 50$ so you break to that is the price of one base. If you don’t like it get a heavy stiffener plate made out of steel. I am sure you could even make your own with limited tools. I know you have done this stephen, this is to the others.

I think they are over priced…

You guys are complaing about 100 dollar part that with change the way you uni, forever. The price is fine. Anyone thats riding a 300 dollar or more uni should be able to justify paying 100 more for a CF base. If that is to much for you, then deal with breaking plastic seats…you will spend much more money breaking seats and post than if you got a CF base and crmo post. You gotta spend a bit more at once but you will clearly be saving money in no time.
Me, I Plan on paying more than 100 for a Scott Wallis base when they are avalible again. It will be worth every penny.

I totally agree with AgentQ, for how much the CF base changes how you ride and the feel of your uni it is more than worth the $100 dollars especially considering that they are all individually hand made. If I had the choice between riding my old torker trials uni with a CF base and my brand new Nimbus ISIS with KH moment cranks and no CF base - there is not a single doubt in my mind that I would take the torker with CF base.

For that price (And it ends up more then $100) you should at least not have to drill your own holes.

That’s pretty lousy.

you should buy them from udc.uk or mdc.

they are still $80 from them, and shipping for something so small and light shouldn’t be much.

ok i dont know that much about them, but how do they “change the way you ride”?

again i am not argueing, i am just asking. I dont know that much and would liketo be more educated about it.


Go buy the carbon fiber and resin required for building one of those seats. I can guarantee that mount of carbon fiber will cost no more than 50 bucks. You chuck that all in a mold/vac bag with some resin and you are done.

I used to snap my stiffner plate every few weeks and it got so anoying having to take it apart weld it together and fit it again I decided to buy a CF base. I have only just finished fitting mine and havnt been out riding with it much (maybe an hour or two) but I can already say that it is loads better than the plastic ones with steel stiffner plates. The base is soo stiff it gives me great confedence in atempting tricks and It feels so much nicer and solid. Whereas with the standard basses when you land tricks you feel it bend and know its not going to be long before it breaks again. If you break your stiffner do not hesitate in buying a CF base. Or even better if you have the money buy one now. I am just learning to sideways ww and even with all my weight on the saddle you cant feel it flex at all.

If your so sure you should definatly try it.
I believe the carbon fibre mat is pretty exspensive and so would the mould and vacume so that would probably cost more than buying the base. Then laying it up isnt that easy (if you havnt done it before) so you will probably waste alot. In the end you will probably end up paying more for a product that will be weaker and worse made and take you more effort.

i could see a few nondrilled ones for GB4’s and such, but yeah i def. agree with that

what stuff do you guys do to break bases? :thinking:

i do a lot of decent drops (from 4-6ft), and i have not even came close to breaking the seat base. i broke my LX handle like 1 1/2 yrs ago b4 i had a trials, but that was just the handle on LX. i just think it would take a lot to break my base