Writing Speech about Unicycles...

…and I need to cite 3 good sources. Anyone know some good quotes about unicycling from good sources? I need it by tomorrow :smiley:

How about, “Hey dude, where’s your other wheel?”

Or, “Everybody, watch me do this…Owwwwww!!! It hurts!”

Or, “You must be mistaken dear, I’ve always had that unicycle/wheel/seat.”

Good luck!

The Kris Holm site…
This site…

It takes twice the man to ride half the bike!
-Harper, I think

Im not sure if I would quote this site, at least not in the forums section, since most of the information is opinions.

I don’t know where you are, but you asked for us to help you with your homework “by tomorrow” after 5:00pm? More lead time would be appreciated… (I didn’t see the thread until Monday night)