wrecked my coker

i’ve messed up the hub on my coker Big One, by being a totally discoordinated doof at freemounting, thus bunging up the crankarms and then in a fit of pique, overtightened the bolts.

I think i wrecked it

I am sad. I didn’t even touch my coker at all last year and the spiders made a fort in it. :frowning:

What should i do? I’m a little intimidated by the thought of lacing in a new hub. I could afford a new one, but not reusing the rest of my coker seems really extravagant and wasteful. On the other hand, i do like the multi-fork designs available now. On the other hand, i don’t want to destroy another Coker. On the other hand, one of my personal goals – uni to work – isn’t getting met. On the other hand… help me obiwan…


you colud retap the bolts to the same size or if that try taping one size up

Buy a new hub, sit down for an hour and lace your wheel, if you can’t get the tensionsing right then take it to a bike shop to have the finishing touches put on it. Problem solved, little money spent, useful skill learnt.

New hub. The local bike shop can use the frame as a trueing jig.

Are they bolts or are they nuts? Are the threads partially or completely mangled if at all? Which threads are bad, the fastener (nut, bolt), the axle, or both?

lacing the spokes of a Coker is possible : I did it so you can do it.
but trueing is another matter: even moderatealy skilled LBS cannot do it properly you need some skilled person!

If you plan to lace your own wheel, take a close-up picture of the spoke pattern and over-under positioning before you take it apart. Having that will make a HUGE difference!

Also what Harper said. We don’t have enough information to say definitively that it needs replacing…

It appears to be the axle (female) threads, not the easily replaceable bolt. It turned out that yy square-tapered aluminum cranks had started to round out, but i misdiagnosed the problem as a loose axle bolt and overtightened. I am such a 'tard…

I know that clearning and retapping a hole that size is a little more of a challenge than the sort of aluminum rack-mount kludge i do…

It was actually your excellent V2 article in the USA newsletter that arrived in my mail this week which got me to thinking about my cobweb-covered shame. :slight_smile: And thanks for the tip.

Ah, what the hell… how hard can it be, right? I guess i’ll start by finishing the destruction of the original hub (drill, tap, ruin) and then getting one of those fancy new spliney hubs (lace, true, true,truetruetrue, break ankle).

Does UDC sell coker spokes and neeples?


You can probably skip the drill part. I think the threads are M8x1. If you’re lucky, a well lubricated tap will catch the first threads in line and you can successfully chase them. Start slow and take your time. Try to set up a jig to guide the tap in axially to avoid misalignment.

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