Wow! You don't need fat low pressure tyres then

I just stumbled across this: a video of someone on a road bike (skinny 700c tyres) doing… well… please, just watch it, all the way to the end because, although it’s on two wheels (some of the time) if you love cycling and admire extreme skills you’ll love this.

Just read the video description. The guy is paralysed now from a bike accident. :frowning:

Danny Macaskill is right up there with Kris.

Alright, enough videos… maybe you should start cleaning up the place.

That is too bad about that rider, those are some crazy good skills. His bike probably weighs less than my uni :frowning:

I’ve got a surly crosscheck that I’ve recently been taking on mountain bike trails, it has 38mm tires on it (not knobbies, but a low profile tread pattern). I’ve been very surprised at how well it does off road, it’s become my favorite place to ride.

I’ve also been riding my 29er with 2.4 inch tire on an uphill road with large gravel (1-1.5 inches) and it really kicks my ass on the uni. I am running a fairly high pressure since my ride is mixed gravel and pavement, that doesn’t help.

Two wheels really helps.

Things not to do on a Road/Racing bike (I can’t tell the difference).

I tell you what, if I ever wanted a sturdy Road/Racing bike, I would definitely want that one!

Martyn. is amont the most iconic old-school trials riders. I was gutted when I heard about his accident.

Yeah, that was such a shame, Martyn was one of the gods back when I was doing bike trials. The first Road Bike Party video is also great:

As far as needing big soft tires, trials riders learn to use their legs and body to gently absorb big hits. If it’s one big obstacle at a time you don’t need big tires or a shock. It’s the smaller things - that come at you too quickly to handle one at a time - that are the problem, and big fat tires are the solution.