WOW Unicycle Club

Does anyone know how to contact the WOW Unicycle club? I have been trying to find out when their meetings are so that I can meet some other unicyclists in my area, but the one email address I did find was bad and my email wouldn’t go through.

I’m not sure if the club is still in existence. The founder passed away two years ago, here is a link to the post that I made on the forum about it, including his obituary. You might find some info there:

EDIT: oops…looks like the obituary link is no longer valid…sorry

Did Jan Layne pass away? Or was that Emil (Layne)? They hosted several National Unicycle Meets/Conventions and some fun, smaller events that I attended in the 80s. Jan was also one of the originators of the “Skill Levels”, of which there were originally four, later upped to 10 by the IUF.

It was Emil. It’s too bad that the Courier no longer shows the obituary, because it had a really nice write up about his life and contributions to the community and unicycling.


I found this obituary on the internet: