Would these Frame and Hub go togheter?

Would these Frame and Hub go togheter?

KH 20
Koxx Hub

Yes, but you’d need koxx cranks too.

wait, there is a 20" kh? since when (yes the 19" kh will fit your hub)

19" kh frame?


Peter M

The rim is 19" But with the tire it is 20"…

If you normally tighten the street cranks on then it will hit the KH bearing holders, but if beef up the spacer on the axle with tape or something you can shim out the crank far enough to clear the frame.

If Kris starts making true ISIS KH/Onza style cranks it will make shimming Koxx street cranks onto a KH hub even more pointless.

There’s already one pair in existence that I know about.

lol i have never paid attention to that, i still think its funny that the actual diameter of the rim is 15"

I ride a koxx hub in a kh frame. it’s fine. My uni is in perfectly awesome condition (isn’t it dan?)

I tried to put my K1 wheel set into James’s KH20 frame, but it didn’t fit, the bearing was to big to fit in the machined holders for some reason. I always thought they used the same bearings. I was quite confused and annoyed :frowning:

you must have been doing something wrong because they fit perfectly well. was it a kh07 frame? was it the reinforced or the light hub?

I have a similar question :thinking:

Will this Nimbus ISIS wheel set
Go on my Schwinn frame

(yeah, I know I’m the only guy in the world that likes Schwinn frames. Maybe it’s heavy, but it’s crazy strong and my seat is always dead on straight, no matter what. Feel free to make fun of me):stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

‘‘K1 CroMo Isis splined hub.’’ and 07 frame, yeh.

what cranks where they? the K1 light/reinforced or street?

It fits for me… i have a kh07 frame and a k1 light hub, and street cranks.:slight_smile:

no, the bearings are too large and i suspect that the bearing spacing will be too large aswell.