[for sale] Torker Stuff

hey guys,

ive got a bunch of old torker parts sitting around, if you want it then let me know

shoot my a price and ill tell you yay or nay.


Would you be willing to sell just the cranks?

What size are those KH/Onza cranks?

i have another set of cranks i can sell you, because the hub is messed up.

$25 and you pay ship?

i assume your talking about the torker cranks.

how much for the frame.

yeah the torker cranks.

What length are they?
and where do you live? (for shipping purposes)

i live in vancouver, BC.

the kh onza’s are 165’s

and i forgot to mention i have 3 torker 20" frames, non of them have bearing caps unfortunately, so if you have some you could use then ill sell them for cheap, if not you can get them from torker if you email them.

Yeah but what length are the Torker?
20" is 127mm and 24" is longer.

Also, you wouldn’t happen to have a torker seat clamp would you?

i dont think i have any clamps, but ill check. Im at school right now, so ill get back to you tomorrow.

the cranks are off the 24" dx

how much fo the onza’s? those will fit the kh 8 spline hub right?

I’m fairly certain that the onzas were around 32 splines. The KH hub prior to the kh/onza was the 8 spline.

they’re actually the ones designed to fit on an isis hub. I had them running on my 24" kh 07 for a bit, but i only rode them for a day, then i got moments.

if kris made those in 125/137 he would kill in the flatland market.

You say the hub is messed up??

This hub, or the other hub. If Everyone is stoked about just cranks, I will take the good hub off your hands. Let me know what you want for the hub, or hub and the red cranks.


the hub and cranks showing are fine, there another hub thats messed but the cranks on that one are fine