Worst injuries?

Injury inquirement!

  • Broken toes
  • Sprained ankle
  • Bruised rib
  • Cuts and scars froms pedals

Thats about it.

Cracked and bruised ribs
-sprained ankle (x2)
-sprained wrist
-broken nose in two places
-hit in the face with a golf club
-4 inch gash in leg from pedal
-a good chunk of hair pulled straight off my head (took some skin too)

hmmmm… non unicycle related I’d say sprained wrist (fell backwards trying to climb up on a unstable platform)

my only injuries I’ve had from unicycling were a swollen right testicle (messed up a rolling hop down a 5 stair, don’t ask…) and some skinned ankles…

I’m not very injury prone…

I just got over some whiplash after a somewhat minor UPD a couple weeks ago. Anybody ever had whiplash from the uni?

Just tonight I landed a sick drop and rolled out all slick, as I came around to look back at it my foot came off the pedal. Through some sick twist of fate or anger from the unicycling gods, my shoe came off as my foot slipped from the pedal on the downstroke striking the ground bigtoe headon :frowning: :angry:

Broken foot(both)
Broken ankle
broke finger (5)
broken tailbone
fractured Rib
sprained ankle (1,500) lol but at least once every 2months
12 stitches
il settle with that for now…

Oh hand whiplash a couple times…

Cause when I fall it looks like this :smiley:

Permanent dislocated legs
Bruised ankles
my left hand top part middle finger is frozen cast
bruised left ankle
alot of stitches across my head which are now removed (which is why i now wear a helmet :smiley: :smiley: )

Well I once got my ass kicked for posting in the wrong forum…

But seriously: ripped my ankles up 3 times, other than that very little other than cuts and bruises, I don’t do dangerous stuff.

Snowboarding - broken wrist

Enduro Racing - broken finger

Unicycling - Bruised Ego

i died once while unicycling once.

I realy badly cut my knee lying on a sofa :frowning:

Severely broke my leg while unicycling, I had to have a full leg cast.

got a drumstick stuck in my nose :expressionless:

yesterday i got a twisted ankle

My worst injuries are a chipped heelbone, and a cyst in my left hand that will never go away until I get surgery done on it. The cyst is the crappy one now because everytime I land on my left palm it feels like I broke something in it. It has also reduced the circulation to the ring and pinky finger so sometimes when I’m feeling potatoes or something else thats wet and cold I will lose feeling in the tips or those fingers although sometimes it will just randomly lose feeling.

Broken left humerus.
Dislocated right shoulder.

broken ulna sttared radius

im not sure how to spell them…but yer both bones in my arm, at same time.
i now have two metal plates and 12 screws in my arm.


sprained wrist(both at least 6 times each)
dislocated ankle(had 2 ride 1 footed all the way home)
badly bruised shins
bloody arms
tire abrasion on my back(had tire tracks too)

i get hurt every day so i can take a good amount of pain