worlds most dangerous road Bolivia

Does anyone know if this has been done on a unicycle before?

Are you talking about the road that’s cut into the side of a cliff along a huge valley? I’ve seen pictures of that somewhere with lorries trying to squeeze past each other on the edge of the precipice.

I expect some nutter has biked it, but I doubt if it’s been unicycled. From the pictures I’ve seen, every passing vehicle would be potentially lethal.


Edit: I knew some nutters would have biked it.

The people who bike it do it regularly, like a tourist thing, so I bet you could uni with them.

Gravity Bolivia recommends I leave my uni with them and take a bike… I don’t think so!!! I will be there on the 7th of March. I live in Guatemala now from Canada 15 months ago. I am starting It will be uni’s doing what is typically mountain bike stuff. I will also offer road rides for the 36ers. I am busy now building itineraries but this all started when I decided that I needed to do the WMDR. I had trouble finding any uni tour companies so here goes! I have been down an active volcano twice that is very exciting, and this weekend I hope to descend Volcan Acatenango that is just out my back door here in Antigua. unicycle tours.

I think there is another one that Andy Cotter operates as well, but I don’t know if he has a website.

Andy’s site is here:

But his is more of a resource place and not so much a business venture.

Wow, sounds like some real unicycle adventures you’ve got going on! If you ride the (in)famous Bolivia road, remember that at least 90% of the danger will probably be from the trucks and other fast-moving vehicles that ply that route regularly. I imagine that road attracts the kind of people who aren’t afraid to take the middle of the road around blind corners at high speed. Ride like you’re invisible!

I imagine they recommend you use a bike because they go down it really bloody fast and it still takes quite a while.

You should definitely do this on a uni. Remember to get some pics of you doing it, or maybe make a vid. That would be sweet, both for us to watch and for promotional material for your website.

I think I would rather be on a uni than some 40# full suspension bike!! We know how fast we can get off and be like linoleum. Thanks for the support.