world record

anybody know what the world record is for the logest ride ever on a unicycle?

Look at genus world record web site or the newst book…I got one and its like, 200 km or somehting…but that was in 2000 so check the web site.

Be more specific. Do you mean in one day, without dismounting, over an entire year, or what? People have ridden across Canada and the United States by unicycle, and some even longer distance. The current record holder is Lars Clausen who rode across the United States both ways.

Three of the world’s longest unicycle rides:

  1. Wally Watts of Alberta, Canada: Around the world, 1976-78. About 12,000 miles, but not all in a row. He stopped at least once to go home and work to earn more money. He did not have enough of a paper trail of his ride for Guinness to recognize it.

  2. Pietro Biondo of Quebec, Canada: Around North America (more or less) in 1983-84 or so. Also about 12,000 miles, also did not collect all the necessary paperwork for Guinness recognition.

  3. Lars Clausen, 9136 miles, in all 50 of the U.S. states, all pretty much in a row. Guinness recognized. (

Or, if you want long distance constant rides, Lars also has the 24 hour record, at 202 and a fraction miles. The 100 mile record is 6:44 and some seconds. The 100 mile record was done without a dismount, so it’s also the record for the longest ride without stopping.