World Record into water


Today I have make a jump in unicycle of 8 meters in the water, and I wondered what was the record of the world.:slight_smile:

You should video that and put in on YouTube. I’d love to see what you’re doing.

jumping off a 25 ft cliff into water on a unicycle.

I have are more than 25 feet.

You have are 25 feet or it is the record?

1 m ~ 3 feet
8mx3ft/1m=24ft, add one foot… just for better accuracy=25 feet, you may have jumpet 26
but it’s not significant to me…

there is no record, but if you care to make it up, i don’t see why you can’t have it…
even though it just takes a little bit of gusto to do something a little taller.

Ok, I would put the video on vimeo soon. So that the record is official, whom it is necessary to address? It would be funny to leave this record and to try to beat it.:slight_smile:

no it’s not a record i think :stuck_out_tongue:
when we were in sweden my both brothers jumped of 10 metres into water^^:D

It won’t be that good unless you land it! haha. :wink:
Edit: If it’s “hard water” you might be able to!

Yes I know that 8m isn’t a record but i would like to know the best for beat it :wink:

Sorry for the bad english

haha thanks Zack!

Yeah here’s mine

haha somewhere around 30/35 feet

You should have done a 2160 unispin or something like that :smiley:

Does it count as a record of you dismount from the uni on the way down? Seems to me that you would have to stay on the uni all the way into the water for it to count. Of course, that might be a hard impact from that height, even into water.

Its just a jump into water… why does there need to be a “world record”?


[RIGHT]+2 off the deep end![/RIGHT]

For the High Jump and Long Jump, we require the rider to stay on the unicycle for the whole thing, including the landing. Much, much harder than the foot-based version of those events.

But I don’t think you should have to ride out of the water (or along the bottom). But if you’re trying to set records, certainly you should stay seated on the unicycle as you hit the water, and hit wheel first. Otherwise it’s you jumping into the water next to a unicycle, or riding a unicycle off a high place.

I know Krazy Karl Thompson has done a high drop into water, which I believe may be on video out there; might be fun to try to dig up. Start with the web site…

Yeah i agree with the landing it to count but its just so crazy haha imo you could get hurt easily

I think the jump in question may be in Universe 2.

When were you guys in sweden? :smiley: And where in sweden were you?