World Naked Bike Ride

This looks like fun, any unicyclists keen to do this?

Hmmm, don’t see it in Atlanta. Anyone even tried riding their uni naked? Can anyone say potentially painful?

to hop would youd sac yourself sooooooo bad (ive never tried this blushes)

naked ahhahah

I reckon that couild be a giggle. It’s for a good cause atleast. Not that I reequire a good cause to get naked…but it helps


someone uni’ed

Yoggi practicing naked trials. I hope he dont mind me posting this - you cant see anything ‘naughty’!

Edit: I’d rather uni with my clothes ON!!



Jeez. You’d think he’d at least wear a helmet and shin gaurds.:smiley:

Clearly socks are more important for safety than a helmet or wrist guards.

Yeah, that’s what the Red Hot Chili Peppers say also…

or a cup (but that would ruin the whole nudeness thing)

the twenty-oh-five version is coming closer
for more detail about rides in your area, please check out this list

Local contact info:
San Fran
Austin Texas
Los Angeles
Boulder Colorado

Sweet! Its coming to my state. I have always wanted to uni at BM and have always wanted to streak at BM. Now I can combine two of my sports in one place!!!

Marvellous, there’s one in Manchester I shall have to gather a contingent of like minded unicyclists/cyclists and attend, I’ve got enough time between now and the ride to either teach people who are into nakedness to uni, or earbash anyone who’s into unicycling into getting naked.

It seems similar to the critical mass rides…But with less modesty. I’ve been trying to find a critical mas ride to go on for ages, looks like this’ll have to do instead.

think I might wear leg armour and some sort of support for the tender bits though…hmm maybe duct tape.

yours in nudity,


lol … just get a string bikini marble bag. :smiley:

or wear a sock (like the RedHotChiliPeppers)

Did anyone say manthong?

Joe, who is that handsome man!!!?? I want to see more uni-guys who ride in that outfit over here!!:smiley:

A mod might wanna tag the title NSFW.