World Naked Bike Ride

thats not how i live. stuff like that is too racy for this page and for any page. i think its all coming to too much nudity, drugs, and sex. seriously.


and maybe a T-Shirt or two?


get a grip, seriously
i don’t know where u’re getting sex and drugs from
yes, there is nudity and a warning with the original post of the link to the main site probably would not have been out of line

it’s a protest, plain and simple
if it’s not the way u live, then don’t get involved
your choice
but u don’t have the choice to ‘smear’ it by dragging sex and drugs into the discussion
and just when did sex and drugs become bad things, BTW?
did i miss a meeting?
can i still vote*

and if u’re convinced that it shouldn’t be on these pages, please ‘Report It To A Moderator’, that too is your choice

*with my usual apologies to Bill Hicks

naked and fast?

My fear in bringing my uni is that I would fall behind the cyclists and end up riding naked and alone for miles. Boulder, Colorado can be cold in February.

Re: naked and fast?

contact the relevant organiser (Boulder Colorado ) and find out if they’ll have a following car
also find out if they’ll be happy to have u jump in the car if u see after a mile or so that u’re being left behind
what are u riding? 36"?

As long as I had a healthy ammount of body paint, I’d totally do it, in honour of you uni-boys that have to worry about your anatomy. Sometimes its really nice being a chick and not having to worry about where my non existant testicles are.

One word: Ouch.

Yes, I’ve tried it naked, once upon a time when I was trying to research making an anitomically-specific seat. Nothing much came of that; air is easier.

Why am I not surprised someone has a picture of Yoggi riding naked? If I could look that buff riding naked I probably wouldn’t mind.

Yah, I can practically smell is feet from here! :thinking:

Got to agree with Gild on two things, and disagree on a third:

  1. Yes, calm down. No harm done and nobody’s talking about sex.
  2. Gizmo, ahem, but… I’m at work! A little warning about content like that before I click on it, please! I should have known better.


  1. Though I looked at the organization’s web site for a few seconds, I would not be inclined to read it as a protest of any sort. Doing stuff naked usually doesn’t make a political statement. Any press on such an event is usually a sidebar, where it “gets mentioned” that X number of people rode their bikes naked today, and looked like they were having a lot of fun while onlookers were titillated, and disapprovers complained. Doing stuff naked makes it really hard to get anyone to listen to whatever message you have.

For those interested in joining the ride, yes, check into ride speed. Though normally I would expect such a ride to be pretty slow, and short, lots of modest riders might go top speed.


(*I used restriant to futher comment *)

Alas, it will not be happening in my town :stuck_out_tongue:

But I believe Munimanpete doesn’t have too far to travel :wink:

fair enough
i’d be happy to conceded that these guys strike me as a bunch of people who really wanted to ride the b*kes naked and came up with a kewl sounding justification for it so they could sound properly indignated should they be arrested or generally harrased
as it happens, i quite like the particular issue they chose and even if it isn’t the world’s most effective form of political protest, every lil’ bit helps and maybe one day reason (and alternative energy sources) will prevail

i’m betting on ‘The Pub’ or ‘on the couch in front of the PS2’

Ouch is right. May I suggest a UW?

Re: Re: naked and fast?

:astonished: That does not sound good in a thread like this