winter, it seems, has come in saskatoon. Havent been able to find anything in searches, so i thought id ask here if anyone had ideas how to unicycle in the season… basically wondering about snow tires, has anyone tried the/do they work? Im told that theres going to be ice/packed snow on the ground untill spring, so thats what im working with. Mostly im trying to do trials type stuff on a 24 inch muni if it matters. Thoughts appreciated.

Nokian makes studded tires for winter riding. I don’t know what their website is but you can google them.

I ride all winter on just a normal trials tire. I also ride my 29er during the winter which has a Kenda Klaw. Not much changes for me during the winter accept my attire. Keep warm and have fun.

You could always move to Texas.

regular 24x3 tires work great in snow, if you’re going to be on lots of ice a studded tire might be the best way to go. you can find studding kits at some LBSs. much cheaper than a whole studded tire, and if you use something like the duro leopard + studding kit it shouldn’t be more than $50. (us)

There have been some discussions about home-made studded tires. Look here for one such thread. Also do a search on “studded”.

I dont know if these really work but here is some links.