Studded Gazz

Worn-out gazz + $15 of hardware + 3 hours labor =

Hell on Wheel incarnate!

1" screws were probably overkill, but…you know.

Edit: Oops, didn’t mean to make those attachments.

Are you planing war against a iceberg or something?

Ouch, my leg.

Wow. I hope you wear some thick leg armor.

First test-run.

(can you only insert images from the web now?)

BTW, I used #8-32 x 1" flat head screws with a strip of duct tape to cover the heads.

BWAHAHAHA! THAT’S GREAT! just don’t ride it in mud or anything… or over the paperboy… it’ll be great on the snow, though. Looks awesome.

hahahaha SWEET! It’s just as cool as my mad Duro-chain set-up. Looks like I’m not the only one who didn’t remove the lifestyles of the rich and famous thing from my spokes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that’s rediculous. I suppose that cannot be ridden on a hard surface can it? Looks like it’ll work well in the snow though. Good work, haha.

Yeah, when they’re that long, they just fold over anyway. I never make mine stick out more than 1/4 inch. I made one for my 26 inch muni last year. It was great fun on the day we had an ice storm.


Yeah, I’m beginning to see the limitations of long studs. The idea was for deep snow, but then it’s kinda fun to slide around in snow anyway. I’m scared to try it on pavement, but on soft dirt it just seems to create a lot of rolling resistance. We’ll see how it does in the snow…still a fun project though, sure looks badass.

Well if worse comes to worse can you not just switch em out for shorter and perhaps pointier spikes?

Best Thing I Have Ever Seen!

I’m sure if you try it you will see that studs don’t help riding in deep snow. look at the surface area of a stud, it won’t give much traction in snow. The thing that studs help with is ice and hard packed snow, alternately, if the tire can cut down to a hard base under the powder snow, the studs would help.

There is a b*king site that talks about riding in the winter:

If you just put the 1/2" screws in at the edge of the tire sticking out a 45 degree angle you can ride on pavement but you still have plenty of grip on ice and snow pack. A strip of screws down the center making pavement and ice riding hard, on both you and the tire. If the screws are too long they will fold and not grip to their full potential.

Winter unicyclist

That makes sense. I’ll probably shorten them later, after I really test it out for myself. Til then (doesn’t snow here often), it’s back to my plain-old, only moderately badass gazz.

I rode it around a little tonight on the carpet

its crazy, it sticks into the ground

but it has crazy rotational weight

I think I could sell your photo to Cabellas as an invention idea: camo for the unicycling moose hunter.


that is soooo cool!! well done!

Well, we got plenty of snow last night! Did you test it?

Maybe you got plenty of snow last night :angry: Just a whole lot of very cold rain over here:(

Really? JMU closed early yesterday, and is still closed, further prolonging finals week. Why won’t it end???

When are you done? Would you be up for a pre-Xmas ride sometime next week? Either here or there?