Will it be easier to hop really high on a smaller unicycle?

I can hop up a curb on my nimbus muni 24 but can’t get any higher. Will I be able to get higher if i were to get a smaller unicycle: can you recommend one please. Also is it a lot easier to hop high sif, if so i will go and learn to ride with the seat out in front.


Didn’t you ask this in the other thread that you made just a few minutes ago?

You can hop higher by just practising doing your hops over bigger and bigger things. A smaller wheel would in theory allow you to hop higher but I do not see getting one warranted.

Practice is the best way to increase your height but the smaller wheel also = a lighter unicycle so its easier to hop. SIF defintly helps beacause you can pull your legs up without the uni ramming your crotch. If you really want to do trials or street i would get a 19 inch trials uni beacause in the long run it can help with that a lot. If you want to do trails and ride rough terrain i would stay with the 24 or even jump up to a 26 or 29 beacause that is usually a bit nicer for that.

A lighter unicycle will definitely help you improve your hop height. But you’re at a beginner level so what you really need is technique. Yesterday I was out with a big group of Cokers, who were hopping up curbs (and riding) on them all day. I saw Beau hop up onto a concrete block that was about 10" high, in one try. On his KH36.

To reiterate what John said, you shouldn’t worry about your unicycle for now. When you’re trying to get from an 80cm hop to a 100+ cm hop, only then should you start worrying.

To be fair, I’ve seen riders make 100+ cm hops on 24" unicycles. This should tell you how little the difference between a 20" and a 24" unicycle makes in the hands of a good rider. You, too can get this good… for now, you just need to practice.

Unless you’ve got pistons for legs, there are other ways to pull your legs up without worrying about clearance. Search “tuck” on the forums, or read through the Trials Discussion Thread for more tips…