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For a Schlumpf rider, it is not always easy to source the right grease. Normally these greaes are only available in big containers. Often the minimum amout for the oroginal grease is 18kg. But I know, some forum users bought bigger containers of it and sell it. My idea is, to make this thread an overview of all offers.

Florian Schlumpf originally used SHELL ALVANIA GR 0974 wich has been discontinued by Shell. since then, SHELL GADUS S2 V220 00 is the right grease to use. A good alternative is ALPINE Fluid Grease DIN51502 GP00/000 K-30.

  • Users from the US can buy their grease from @MuniOrBust. He still sells the original SHELL ALVANIA GR 0974: Muni Or Bust: Buy Unicycle Hub Grease
  • The alternative ALPINE FlieรŸfett DIN51502 GP00/000 K-30 is available on eBay in Germany for around 7โ‚ฌ per 800g.
  • Lube Finder UK ยฃ11.88 400grams link

Who knows any other sources or sells herself?

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Great idea Eric!

I recent got a big tub of the stuff from a UK site:

Looks to be the correct version and only ยฃ12 ish shipped. I was pretty happy.

Got some small syringes and I think this 400g tub would fill up around 30-40 of the 5ml one if not more.

Hope this helps!

(Realised it was a Wiki - so have added the link but left this thread reply in tact)

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From what I could find, it needs to be a grease of NLGI 00 viscosity (which is almost the tinnest grade of grease). Iโ€™ve been using Castrol Sphreerol that I managed to order from my local car parts store. I have a huge amount of it, I refill localโ€™s Schlumpf riders haha.

I went to a specialized bearing store and they didnโ€™t even know what I was talking about (the car parts store didnโ€™t know more either). I found it online and had it shipped to my local shop.


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