📜 [Wiki] Unicycle vocabulary in every language

Here’s a wiki to list all the unicycle vocabulary in any language. Copy-paste any existing language and just replace the words with proper ones. Make sure languages are listed alphabetically (except from English, that is). A lot of words need to be added. But we need to put them in multiple tabs since too many words on a single line will create a horizontal scrolling bar :slight_smile:

Note: this presentation is a suggestion and if can of course be discussed and modified!

:gb: English Unicycle Seat/Saddle Handle Seatpost Frame
:netherlands: Dutch Eenwieler Zadel Handvat Zadelpen Frame
:fr: French Monocycle Selle Poignée Tige de selle Cadre
:de: German Einrad Sattel Griff Sattelstütze Rahmen
:norway: Norwegian Enhjulssykkel Sete Håndtak Setepinne Ramme
:gb: English Wheel Tire/Tyre Rim Spoke Hub Axle
:netherlands: Dutch Wiel Band Velg Spaak Naaf As
:fr: French Roue Pneu Jante Rayon Moyeu Axe
:de: German Rad Reifen Felge Speiche Nabe Achse
:norway: Norwegian Hjul Dekk Felg Eike Nav Aksling
:gb: English Crank Pedal Bumper Clamp
:netherlands: Dutch Crank Pedaal Bumper Zadelklem
:fr: French Manivelle Pédale Bumper Collier de serrage
:de: German Kurbel Pedal Schutzecke Sattelklemme
:norway: Norwegian Krank Pedal Støtfanger Setepinneklemme

Subparts and accessories (?):

:gb: English Brake Lever Disk Brake Rim Brake Bearing
:netherlands: Dutch Rem Remhendel Schijfrem Velgrem (Kogel-)Lager
:fr: French Frein Levier Frein à disque Frein à patins Roulement
:de: German Bremse Bremshebel Scheibenbremse Felgenbremse (Kugel-)Lager
:norway: Norwegian Brems Bremsehendel Skivebrems Felgbrems Kulelager

Inspired by French: Terms for unicycle / unicycling :smiley:

Great idea! I’m sometimes looking for specific terms and I can’t find how they are translated from French to English or from English to French.

In addition, editing a wiki for the first time earns you a badge! :laughing:

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Should I add alternative words if they are equally common? For example, Gabel/Rahmen (fork/frame) are used equally often in German, while in english frame seems to be the more common term. Might be nice for some people to know, but on the other hand, I want to also keep the table well readable.


@newuser added the Austrian and Swiss flag to the German Language.
I think that unnecessarily complicates things.
Try to think to add every flag, where english is the offical language, or to add the swiss flag to the french and italian language.

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I also think that’s not necessary to put multiple flags on a single language in this context :+1:

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Added Dutch :slight_smile:

Now searching for the flag…

:netherlands: got it!

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Bumper seems difficult to translate. The german word “Schutzecke” seems weird to me, but I looked it up on municycle.com, and they call it like this.

And another thing, I would change “Lever” into brake lever, most translation treat it like this.

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Nice effort:

The dutch word for frame is ‘frame’, the belgian word for frame is ‘kader’. 99% of the dutch people won’t understand the word kader if you refer to it.

The dutch word for ‘bearing’ (not yet added) is ‘lager’
The dutch word for ‘tube’ (also not yet added) is ‘binnenband’
The dutch word for ‘valve’ (also not yet added) is ‘ventiel’
The dutch word for ‘brake pad’ (also not yet added) is ‘remblok’
The dutch word for ‘allen key’ or ‘hex key’ (also not yet added) is ‘inbussleutel’

Sorry I don’t know the other languages :wink:

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I thought I speak German but that’s the first time I come across the word “Schutzecke”. But then, I’m Swiss, not everyone considers what we speak German.

you call it “Schutzeckli” instead ? :rofl:

Maybe we should change / append “Disc” to “Disc Brake” and “Rim Brake”?

Oh what the heck, I’ll just do it :slight_smile:

Oops, I screwed up the formatting for a short while.


I’m surprised by the Schutzecke, I never heard that word before. Not that I have a better one to offer …

That’s fine, but I would suggest appending and not replacing these. The English names for disk/disk brake and rim/rim brake are logical enough, but that might not be so in every language.

I have discussed the best term for unicycle in Norwegian before. @UniMyra and Erlend Loe settled on enhjulssykkel as the best but etthjulssykkel and enhjuling are both commonly used as well.


The Norwegian academic dictionary has enhjulssykkel as a reference word, not etthjulssykkel.
It is also called enhjuling and not etthjuling.
I assume that the “en” part of the word refers to the cycle (masculine) and not to the wheel (neuter). But who knows.

That said, one of the biggest newspapers here used it (etthjulssykkel) in an article about him :wink:

As did another popular news article about @UniMyra

Are we allowed three entries! :rofl:

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I’ll bow to authority and change it to enhjulssykkel, even though it pains me to write “en hjul”.

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I have decided that I have pretty much given up caring which of the 3 terms others say. Also as a non-native speaker it would not be my place to “correct” a native Norwegian but for my own personal usage, when speaking or writing Norwegian I have settled on enhjulssykkel now, primarily after taking cues from how Erlend (in particular) speaks and writes.


In that case, :uk: :smiley: