๐Ÿ“œ [Wiki] Mad4One Flik Flok Hub Serial Numbers Reference

Mad4One Flik Flok hubs are expensive and have a serial number. Register yours here.


Serial number Color Owner Location
??? silver Marco at @MAD4ONE :it: Italy
P-00002 black Marco at @MAD4ONE :it: Italy


Serial number Color Owner Location
SN 00001 black
SN 00002 blue @Boris_R / Zoe :de: Berlin, Germany
SN 00003 orange Bernhard Maier (@bearz) :austria: Linz, Austria
SN 00004 blue
SN 00005 gold
SN 00006 purple David Gray (@Unigan) :australia: Brisbane, Australia
SN 00011 orange
SN 00012 Black David Still (@YouveLostAWheel) :uk: Sevenoaks, UK
SN 00014 orange
SN 00018 black Maxence Cornaton (@Maxence) :fr: Lyon, France
SN 00020 black
SN 00026 silver

If you donโ€™t know what a Flik Flok hub is or wish to buy one: Mad4One ISIS Flick Flock Hub


Just received a picture from Marco. They look great :heart_eyes:

Gosh! @mowcius, you were faster than I to update the wiki with the serial numbers! :laughing:


I think the blue is my favourite

I prefer the orange, but I do think the black will be easier to fit in a complete unicycle without having something to colourful.

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@unigan knows something I donโ€™t :smiley:

How does a purple one look?

Like this maybe?
Note: Itโ€™s just the picture above edited with photoshop


Iโ€™ve got the magenta Mad4One Techno frame and it comes out like a true magenta but on the link side and the purple seat clamp from them comes out like grape drink deep purple so Iโ€™d imagine it would look really nice of its the same anodizing company

Youโ€™ll start confusing everyone with that pictureโ€ฆ Maybe take the serial numbers off?

Since you asked


Wow, I was close with my edited photo!

Iโ€™ve added that itโ€™s an edited photo on my message :slight_smile:


SN00003 is mine :heart_eyes: Bernhard Maier from Linz, Austria :austria: :hugs:

SN00002 is mine/ Zoe :heart_eyes: Berlin, Germany :de:

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David Still
Sevenoaks, UK
I donโ€™t really know what a wiki is or how to update it though?

Anyone can edit the first post and add information themselves.
Just click the Edit button:

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What do they sale for

Oh ok. I know for next time then. Thanks for updating for me :+1:

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Just got mine very happy with how it looks


Whatโ€™s with the duck? Custom engraving?