📜 [Wiki] Mad4One Flik Flok Hub Serial Numbers Reference

Mad4One Flik Flok hubs are expensive and have a serial number. Register yours here.


Serial number Color Owner Location
??? silver Marco at @MAD4ONE :it: Italy
P-00002 black Marco at @MAD4ONE :it: Italy


Serial number Color Owner Location
SN 00001 black
SN 00002 blue @Boris_R / Zoe :de: Berlin, Germany
SN 00003 orange Bernhard Maier (@bearz) :austria: Linz, Austria
SN 00004 blue
SN 00005 gold
SN 00006 purple David Gray (@Unigan) :australia: Brisbane, Australia
SN 00010 Blue Jean-Francois Chartrand :canada: Québec Canada
SN 00011 orange
SN 00012 Black David Still (@YouveLostAWheel) :uk: Sevenoaks, UK
SN 00014 orange
SN 00018 black Maxence Cornaton (@Maxence) :fr: Lyon, France
SN 00020 black
SN 00026 silver
SN 00020 black
SN 00032 black Dane Neves (@unipsycho) :us: Denver, USA
SN 00033 black Ben Soja (@muni_ben) :switzerland: Zurich, Switzerland
SN 00035 black Carl Hunt (@waaalrus) :us: Atascadero, USA

If you don’t know what a Flik Flok hub is or wish to buy one: Mad4One ISIS Flick Flock Hub


Just received a picture from Marco. They look great :heart_eyes:

Gosh! @mowcius, you were faster than I to update the wiki with the serial numbers! :laughing:


I think the blue is my favourite

I prefer the orange, but I do think the black will be easier to fit in a complete unicycle without having something to colourful.

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@unigan knows something I don’t :smiley:

How does a purple one look?

Like this maybe?
Note: It’s just the picture above edited with photoshop


I’ve got the magenta Mad4One Techno frame and it comes out like a true magenta but on the link side and the purple seat clamp from them comes out like grape drink deep purple so I’d imagine it would look really nice of its the same anodizing company

You’ll start confusing everyone with that picture… Maybe take the serial numbers off?

Since you asked


Wow, I was close with my edited photo!

I’ve added that it’s an edited photo on my message :slight_smile:


SN00003 is mine :heart_eyes: Bernhard Maier from Linz, Austria :austria: :hugs:

SN00002 is mine/ Zoe :heart_eyes: Berlin, Germany :de:

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David Still
Sevenoaks, UK
I don’t really know what a wiki is or how to update it though?

Anyone can edit the first post and add information themselves.
Just click the Edit button:

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What do they sale for

Oh ok. I know for next time then. Thanks for updating for me :+1:

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Just got mine very happy with how it looks


What’s with the duck? Custom engraving?