📜 [Wiki] Mad4One Flik Flok Hub Serial Numbers Reference

Yeah I wanted it to look unique, had a tattooist friend do the design and got it engraved.


Are people willing to share wheel details in a new column? I’m particularly interested in the diameter, rotor size, and choice of tire. I’ve ridden 20", 24", 26", and 36" freewheel unicycles and am thinking of getting a Flick Flock hub built into a 27.5" wheel with a 200mm rotor and Surly Knard tire. I don’t do technical muni (fixed or freewheel) and I used to go on 20+ mile road rides on my 26" freewheel that has a Halo Twin Rail tire.

I know my tyre size is 27.5" not sure on the rotor or tyre type. Can’t find any details on the tyre itself other then it’s 3"wide.

Drop some pics and we may tell you :slight_smile:

It looks like a Shimano 180mm rotor, and I think the tyre’s one of Mad4One’s generic ones, probably 3.25"?

I’d say you’re right about the rotor and as I said earlier 3" wide tyre. Most likely generic can’t see any branding on the tyre.

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Surely the rotor is this given the code is written on the side there in the image?

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Oh, you did say 3"! That’s what I get for reading and responding on unicyclist.com before bed.


is there anyone who like to sell an used flick flock hub?

I like to try it. :slight_smile: