Wierd mount

I have a friend who has a strange way of mounting his unicycle. He stands with the unicycle behind him and does a sort of reverse roll back mount. Would this be called a roll forward mount? He says when he started riding at ten years old, he had no one to teach him how to get on the thing, so that is just how he figured out how to do it. Does anyone else do this?

It’s interesting that your friend learned to mount like that. Usually this mount is considered a trick mount.

Perhaps more commonly known as a Back Mount. Not sure if it’s listed in the Standard Skills List or not…

i can do that it acctully can be usefull in some situations

I believe it’s a USA Level 3 skill, so yes it should be in there.

In the Skill Levels, all mount types (other than one with each foot) are optional. But I did look up Back Mount. It’s 303a in the Standard Skills List. And worth a fat 1.9 points if you’re interested. :slight_smile: