Why wear helmet? I don't

A cycling cap is appropiate for us one wheelers. What say You

People who don’t wear helmets don’t need them - there’s not much there for them to protect. :roll_eyes:

Funny you should ask. A few hours ago I flew off the trail and landed hard – squarely on my right temple. I lay there in a daze for a few seconds, counting my lucky stars.

Yes, I was wearing a helmet, so I’m posting this from home, not the ER. :slight_smile:

I suspect others will supply similar stories.

after coming off the 36 at a bit of speed and running across a road and going head first in to the side of a car i was glad that i wear a helmet.

I have been in hospital to many times and woken up and said how long have i been in here this time…


I look at it as protecting my educational investment and earning potential. Some people have little invested and may make a different decision.


For the trails I ride I don’t need a helmet. I almost never fall hard.

But I still want to bring it with me just in case I end up riding a more advanced trail. Unfortunately it’s a pain to carry it. It doesn’t fit in my pack and if I hang it off my back it’s constantly bumping in to me. So annoying.

Thankfully I’ve found a clever way to carry it. The concave bottom side of my helmet actually fits quite well on the top of my head! To keep it up there I bring the straps down the sides and clip them under my chin. Even on bumpy trails it stays put!

It seems kind of pointless, but I figure… hey, if I ever need it I can easily unclip it, pop it off my head, and it’s ready to use.

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uniShark’s advice is spot-on here. Done in one, close the thread! :wink:

It would fit perfectly on you head :wink:

Here are some nice stories with pictures:

Stages of healing graphics, not for those faint of heart, he was just out with his dog cruising…in front of his house.

Another one, not for the faint of heart, he was also just cruising with his dog…his story is a lot scarier

Riding without a helmet is dumb, but there are a lot of people doing dumb things, so it’s probably just par for the course.

So how about eye protection? How many of use wear glasses to protect our eyes when riding?

I met a guy the other day, we got to talking at unicycling, he said something about all his injuries from mountain biking, points to his eye, that’s when I notice it’s kinda cloudy. Apparently he was riding behind a buddy, not wearing his glasses at the time, and a stick got kicked up and went straight into his eye, just like an arrow. No more eye. :astonished:

I always wear a helmet, I need to wear glasses :o

No more dumb than driving without a helmet, or one of numerous other activities people do which result in head injuries (and where they don’t wear helmets). Yet it’s only cycling which is promoted as being so unsafe that you need a little shell of polystyrene to protect your head - despite the stats suggesting that far more people have head injuries which might be prevented by one of those when driving a car.

So clearly I don’t have anything worth protecting, as I often do ride my uni without a helmet - just like most of the riders you see in the videos doing scary stuff jumping down steps etc. The thing is, experience and intuition suggests I’m much less likely to hit my head when riding a uni than on a bike, as it’s so much easier to bail onto your feet rather than get slam dunked straight into the ground. I have experience of that on a bike - I was wearing a helmet, but smashed up my face so badly I had 2 hours of surgery putting my nose and lips back together followed by a couple of night in hospital - who here wears a full face helmet to ride? Oh, but I do wear a helmet when riding muni (though not always when riding my muni) or at speed on my 29er as those situations do carry the likelihood of not just being able to step off when things go wrong.

ISTM at least one of the chaps in the articles you linked would have been OK if they’d been riding a uni, but looking for common factors in order to prevent myself having a similar accident, it’s clear that the lesson to be learnt is always wear a helmet when walking your dog.

Since sometimes I as good as challenge cars to hit me, I think I’ll stick with my helmet. One of these days one of them is going to oblige me.

Most cars have airbags and seatbelts, and both can and do prevent head trauma. When they invent airbags for unicycles, then maybe I’ll give up my helmet. :smiley:

I find it interesting that in 150 years of unicycling worldwide there are no reported unicycle related traffic fatalities. This can be interpreted a number of different ways but it can’t be denied that wearing a helmet while unicycling in traffic is attempting to prevent something that doesn’t happen.

Frequently, I am chastised by motorists. There are around 50,000 traffic fatalities in the US alone every year. Most of the causes of death in those fatalities is due to, guess what, head trauma. And yet these people preach safety from their cars while wearing no helmet.

In the US alone there are about 14,000 accidental fatalities in household falls annually. The cause of death in these fatalities is primarily due to, guess what, head trauma. How often do you wear a helmet in the shower or while climbing a ladder? People shower and climb ladders helmet-less on a daily basis and think nothing of it.

Why is this? People could wear helmets while engaging in activities which have measurable fatality rates and yet they don’t and no one thinks anything about it. I find that odd.

The three worst accidents I had while riding a bike involved no other vehicles. I was wearing a helmet all three times. I broke my jaw in one, broke my finger in another, and separated my shoulder in the third. In all three accidents the injuries were due to high speeds and getting tangled up in that damn frame. The helmet did no good in any of those accidents but they differ from unicycling falls…for me anyway. I can’t go that fast and I can’t get tangled in my unicycle frame. I always wear a helmet on my bike. Bikes are dangerous as hell.

Yet strangely enough, the stats suggest plenty of people get head injuries whilst driving cars despite those features.

Feel free to explain why you need to wear a helmet when riding a unicycle, but don’t make rude comments (as several people on this thread already have) about those who don’t until such point as you wear a helmet for other activities with a statistically higher risk of head injury - otherwise you might find it being suggested that those people who don’t wear a helmet when driving, having a shower or climbing stairs don’t have anything to protect. The thing is, some of us who sometimes choose not to wear a helmet when riding are actually intelligent enough to do a proper risk assessment rather than blindly putting on a helmet without thinking.

You just want us to think you find it odd. You don’t really. You think we’re all oh so predictably irrational.

For the record, I had a girlfriend who during sex could be a lot like Pris after being shot (skip to 1:50) in Blade Runner. You bet I wear a helmet then too…

I hit my head on almost every ride, low hanging branches for the most part, not that the hits are all hard, but there have been some that were hard enough to make me see stars.

Had a couple hard hits skiing, retired a helmet after one biggie. No big hits from biking, though I’ve been down hard, I just got lucky I guess

Helmets, seatbelts, it’s all just a big troll, carry on, do what you think is best.

A heck of a lot more people would die or be seriously injured without them. I’d sure rather my head hit an airbag rather than the windshield in the event of a head on collision! And yes, infants and small children have been killed by airbags deploying, but they should not have been in the front seat to begin with. My philosophy is simple; better safe® than sorry.

A big thing for me is most injuries are relatively easy to repair. Head injuries are not. I always wear a helmet.

When I broke my back skiing, I passed all the tests for not having a concussion. I had told the paramedics I didn’t hit my head or loose conciousness (I was wearing a helmet). I now realized since I was by myself and wasn’t looking at my watch, I could have been knocked out for a long time and not realized it.

In the hospital I tried reading a book a friend gave me and it took 30 min to finish two pages because I had to reread each paragraph 5 or 6 times because I had no idea what I just read. I didn’t really tell anybody (if I had there are things they could have done to diminish it’s consequences) about a year ago I learned that was a symptom of a Tramatic Brain Injury.

After I got out of the hospital I could read fine, but it was a year and a half before I could focus on my studies more than a couple of weeks (another symptom of TBI). It is still way harder for me to consentrate, work efficiently, and stay motivated accademically than before my accident.

I have also learned you don’t nessesarily need to hit your head, it just hast to come to a fast stop. Maybee thant’s what happened to me when I landed on my but from 15 feet up and going 35 mph. It’s not hitting your head that causes TBI, it’s your still moving brain colliding w/ your inner skull.

Yes, but what has that got to do with whether or not helmets would prevent head injuries in motor vehicle accidents? You do realise that there isn’t a windshield to hit when riding a unicycle, hence why you don’t really need an airbag in the same way.

So why don’t you wear a helmet when driving a car?

A lot of it has to do with # of injuries per times activity is done.

Egt the # of head injuries per # of times someone goes up or down a set of stairs is really low.

IMO if you wear your seatbelt & have working air bags a helmet is not nessesary when driving normally. A large # of those fatalities are by people not wearing seatbelts. You are MUCH more likely to have a TBI in an accident not wearing a seatbelt, than no airbag and wearing seatbelts, since you would be still moving forward as the airbag is comming towards you instead of the seatbelt slowing you down.

Much as I am loathe to respond in threads started by Florida, I’m pretty sure he (she/it) doesn’t read them. He’s a drive-by.

I don’t wear a helmet in my car because I’m wearing a seatbelt. A seatbelt on a unicycle would be kind of like clip-in pedals, only worse. The vast majority of that head trauma in car crashes goes to people who weren’t wearing their belts.

Comparing car statistics to unicycle statistics is kind of dumb, since there are no real unicycle statistics.