why the f**k do all the udc sites have the new kh stuff but udc america

title says it all

UDC australia don’t have em yet.

Global karma.

thats just taking an angry american and shooting him in the balls

but thats probably it

heres an idea stupid if you want it bad enough go mow a lawn and pay the extra shipping. DEE DA DEE.:slight_smile: joking


Ya udc for the US don’t have shit compared tothe others :angry:

you cant even get a BC wheel on UDC america, which sucks, cuz I want one real bad(and the new KH)

BedfordUnicycles.ca, Canada isn’t very far away.


How about you email them???

Because they won’t listen I have e-mailed them.

Yeah, its right up here. And Bedford will sell the 2007KHs once they come out.

How long did you wait for a response? It has never taken more than a day or so for me to get replies from them, they are usually very helpful too.

was it a weekend? they don’t work on saturaday and sunday…

the “trade” forum is even closer!

I emailed unicycle.com today and they replied in an hour. They told me they would have all the new Kris Holm stuff september 30.

You have got the most annoying SN I’ve ever seen.

The other sites don’t have them either, they are just pre-orders. If you read the description all the new KH stuff says “Order now for early october delivery”