why the f**k do all the udc sites have the new kh stuff but udc america

Also I’m not aware of a rule that says the U.S. should get the Taiwan-made, Canadian & British-designed unicycles first. I’m sure the intent is to get them out, to everyone, as early as they can.

no picture anymore on the US site… looks as if they might be puttin up the 07 for pre-order
might just have to jump on that boat, oooooo

They have them in stock they just arent on the website yet cos pricing is not finalised. I am told they will be up by late this week or early next week.


Let me explain a little bit about the shipping of the unicycles. The unicycles are made in Taiwan in a batch. So they are all made at the same time. They are then shipped out to Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, UK, US, Korea and Canada. They are shipped all approximately at the same time. There is normally a few days between the container dates but only a few. This is because to optimise on the shipping you need to get it on a cheap/fast boat. As an example the UK one I know goes 2 times a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). The NZ one only goes once every 2 weeks! The boats also take longer to get places, Korea is shortest, then NZ, then Au, then… they are all about the same at 40 days. The US customs seem to take longest to sort themselves out, but only by a day or so.
Normally I try and arrange for the UK container to be loaded first so that I get them earliest so I can do product checking. This year because of all the new Nimbus’s etc. we will probably be the last to actually get our stock by a couple of days.
You can pre-order from some of the unicycle.com’s if they can get the price fixed, this depends on the way customs works. Please be patient though. :slight_smile:


KH 2007 Trials

The KH 2007 Trials are in Australia.



The swedish dealer don’t have them yet…