Why do YOU choose to ride a unicycle over a bike?

Whether it be the skill required, the funny looks you get, or whatever other reason… why have you decided you would rather work at mastering something like a unicycle rather than a bike?

Why do I ride a unicycle over a bike?

Because the bike is in the way and it is easier to ride over it than go around it.

It is more fun on one! And much safer.

Because I could easily bring the unicycle into my dorm room. With a bike it would just get rusty sitting in a bike rack outside.

Because I’m a freak and I like weird stuff.

Because it’s small and easy to transport.

Because it’s low maitenance.

Because you can do really impressive and challenging stuff on a unicycle without having to hit crazy speeds and risk death or severe and life-altering injury.

Because it’s a challenge, and something I can constantly work on to improve or learn new things.

Because it’s a REALLY cool feeling, which I crave.

Because it has a wonderfully small, and nice community.

Not because of all the un-original comments that funny jokesters make.

A little off-topic, but I have been wanting to know this:

Why do so many people say “Where’s your other wheel?”? I had never heard this before I learned to ride, and I have never heard it while I am not riding. Is it just that it is the first witty remark that pops in to people’s minds? Or was it in some old television show I’ve never heard of? I really can’t figure this one out…

Bike fast, speed bad, big ouch when fall off.

Unicycle slow, not hurt so much when fall down.

Because to have as much fun on a bicycle, I’d need to be Danny MacAskill!


I’m not so I uni.

It’s just in reference to a bike. People see a uni as a bike but with only one wheel… because it pretty much is.
I know a lot of riders get annoyed at that particular comment (not necessarily you AustinLee), but since it’s usually a new person saying it each time, I think it’s excusable. It’s new and witty to them.

For me too.

It was/is also something entertaining to do in the driveway while my young kids are playing outside with their friends. They don’t always want to play with dad anymore.

It’s just the first thing that pops into their head, because their mind is used to seeing 2 wheels.

Here is the thought process broken down.

  1. Unicyclist is spotted
  2. Confused
  3. Why is there only one wheel?
  4. Oh it’s a unicycle
  5. This will be funny…

I feel like I’m about to commit blasphemy in the church of uni, but here it goes.

When I ride my uni it’s because I want to ride my uni. It is more fun for some things than a bike, but bikes are more practical for some things. If I’m hitting the trails alone I always take my MUni. If I’m with lower skilled friends I may ride my MUni, or maybe my single speed mountain bike. If I’m with my more advanced friends I’ll take the single speed, or my Slingshot.

Riding alone for exercise I’ll usually hit the bike path with my Coker. If I need to run errands, and pick up groceries or kids I’ll ride my Big Dummy.

I would love to be able to ride my uni all of the time. I have so much fun riding it that if I could make it more practical I would in a heartbeat. As it is, I’m riding some sort of “cycle” everyday whether it is for my commute, errands, or recreation. I somehow find a place for most of my cycles in the rotation. Now that I think about it I may have too many.

Biking is boring. Very utilitarian, however most of the time unnecessary. Muni saved me from abandoning my beloved trails. Also seems to be easier on my knees for some reason…

Aside from that I 'd have to agree with Rowan :slight_smile:

Yeah, what he said.

Oh I almost forgot,

Because all of the trails and obstacles that were easy on my MTB are fun challenges on my uni. I can find one funky shaped rock and have fun on it for 20 minutes, which I couldn’t do on my MTB

Because I like hearing “Where’s your other wheel?” a lot. :smiley:

As the Harley riders say, if you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.

They like the vibration and power between their legs. Some people might say that means something psychologically :wink:

I like riding both, its not as if I hate riding a bike - I just enjoy the challenge of unicycling :slight_smile:
Hopefully I’ll be getting a street/trials bike soon so that’ll be another challenge, but I’m sure that riding a unicycle will improve bike trials and vice versa :smiley:

I would think that bike trials would be a whole different animal than uni trials. Are any of the movements the same? I’ve always thought trials bikes were cool, and it would be cool to have one, but I need to focus on one thing.

I don’t think any of us hate bikes do we?

I LOVE my unis…and I LOVE my bikes…and I LOVE my skis…and I LOVE my snowshoes…and I LOVE my trail shoes. I’m just a warm, fuzzy kinda guy.

Snowshoeing is a blast, and having snowball fights on snowshoes is equally as awesome. You wouldn’t think it would be so much fun…

I may choose to ride a unicycle because it is cold and find it easier to maintain body temp on a unicycle. Slower speed means less wind.Its harder to cool down on a uni too when it is hot out. I tend to ride more uni in the winter and bmx in the summer.

I may choose to ride a unicycle because I have fun riding on crappy terrain that would suck on a bike and it can make less interesting paths more fun to ride on.

Because I don’t always want to go so far from home but still want to get a good ride in.

Because sometimes I am too overworked and weary to feel good about pushing my heart rate up as high as I tend to on a bike.

Because it is easy to work on new challenges without really going anywhere which means I can go practice idling for 5 minutes when that’s all the time I have.

I choose to do it because it consumes all of my attention and is in that way a form of meditation. It takes my mind off of my worries and pressures.

And that.