Why aren't seats made stronger?

hi everyone. im a little mad right now, cause i just ripped my viscount saddle in half! it had been bent for about a month, but it has now been completely ripped. i dont know how many other people have been bending and breaking saddles these days, but i think they should be made stronger. we’re coming into an age where unicycling is getting bigger and more extreme. i really dont think the viscount, KH, and miyatas are going to stand up to the pressure they will be taking in the next few years. so im just thinking… there needs to be a seat that isnt too expensive but that can stand the force thats being put on it. i really dont want to start breaking a seat every month, but it looks like its gonna go that way if i keep using any of the seats available right now. anyone else in the same place as me? so now i cant ride until i can get 30$ to get a new viscount and seat post. grrr. see ya,

Kevin James McMullin

the viscount seat base is made of realy thick steel, breaking one is a freak occourance, dont worry about it.

in fact unless it got run over by a car, it must have been a manufacturing defect.

the viscount is the stronget seat you can get, the bumper falls of sometimes but thats it.

what on earth do you do on your unicycle? hold elephants on your shoulders?

I agree with evilewan viscounts are tuff. I have thrashed mine and am down 2 seatposts but the saddle is still fine itself. The bumpers have fallen off and the foam on the seat has come up to where its torn now and held together with duct tape.

You could always get a Carbon Fiber seat base if you need more strenght, but Its an expencive option.


im a street rider… lately ive been trying to jump a 10 set, and ive landed a few without feet and all the force is taken out on the front of the seat. im assuming this is why it snapped in half


kh saddles

i have a kh saddle and 3 of my other friends that ride have one too and ours all broke… its just the bolts they come loose in the saddle and make it so its all loose… but there coming out with the new kh witch is metal on the bottom so that wont happen.

have you got pictures of the dead seat?

you are probably in a verry exclusive club, not many people have broken a viscount seat in half.

Being metal, unlike most of today’s other unicycle seats, the Viscount has the disadvantage of metal fatigue. In other words, if something major happens to it, like a real hard landing with rider’s weight on front of seat, it can get cracked or weakened. Then continual pulling up and pushing down will gradually break down the metal until it breaks.

Can’t say I ever broke a Viscount, or Semcycle Deluxe/old style Schwinn seat.

Today’s unicycle design’s aren’t really made for the kind of stresses we put on the seat and post. They just weren’t originally designed for all the pulling and pressing. If you attach an accessory handle to the front of your seat, you put even more strain on the seat base and seatpost. So instead of just buying another one of the same seats and waiting until it breaks, you just need to do a little custom work to shore it up.

For example, check out the Miyata seat on my DM, below. Gussets correct the chronic weakness of the Miyata seatpost, and the seat base on there should last forever.