Why am I getting wobble on unicycle?

My daughter Isabella and I ride round blocks twice every other day. She rode on her 16" and speeding ahead of me on my 20". I tried to chase her down and kept myself wobble on unicycle. My upper leg muscle getting sore and tire quickly. Look like Isabella want to continue where I have to call off and return home.
I have double check seat post length and crank size is 145…think so because I checked one side of crank said “QU-AX 145i”. Tire psi at 40 and little bold partial of tire where I believed repeat free mount practice occurs.

Why am I getting wobble on unicycle?

It is caused by the movement of your legs and the force you put on to the Unicycle. If you pay attention your wobble probably goes in time with your feet peddling. Once you get a better rhythm and you become more comfortable riding the wobble will decrease. Try to keep an equal force on both pedals, keep it smooth all the way around the rotation… that is if we are speaking of the same wobble.

Edit: the wobble is also worse when you are going faster because its harder to maintain that smooth rhythm and equal force.

as far as the legs go i was the same and i read that if you sit on the seat more relaxed like ride up to a post hold on and sit relaxed you should sit that way when you ride i can go much further now it said if you can move your feet on your pedals you are relaxed enough this might help with the woble as well it helped me loads carnt hurt to try good luck:D

Both of you may need to focus on putting more weight on the seat, but you definately do (your leg pain, but part is just getting used to uni).

Unicycles wobble that’s all there is to it. Although you can reduce it most of the time to negligible. Try to pedal your feet in nice smooooooth circles. You can push forward a bit w/ the front foot an pull back w/ the back foot. If you let your heel drop as soon as that pedal reaches 12:00 and point the toes of your bottom foot when it reaches 6:00 you can push/pull more. Also you could hold the handle, longer bars can help w/ this.

I can’t really describe it but it also helps in how you pedal. Its kind of like pulling your feet to the inside or out as you pedal simultaneously w/ both feet. But this can take weight off the seat, over time you learn to go smooth w/o doing that and virtually no weight on the back pedal.

The wobble becomes problematic for all riders when riding skinnies and at high speeds. As you get better the skinnies get narrower and speeds higher before it’s an isue.

You can really see the wobble if you pick up your uni by the frame, hold it REALLY steady and spin the tire hard. The wheel will wobble. I can ride faster than that spin w/ less wobble by doing the stuff in P#2.

Tired quads may also indicate a seat height issue. For regular “riding-around” riding, it should be pretty high. Where your leg goes most of the way straight when pedaling. You only need to lower it for rough terrain or certain categories of tricks.

Go Isabella!

The bald part on your tire might be from twisting at a certain point in your pedal cycle to straighten out after wobbling. Free mounting doesn’t tend to wear out a tire. Tires usually wear at the spots where the pedals are at the 3:00 and 9:00 positions and the rider twists to make a sharp turn.

If you have a standard 1.75" width 20" tire, 40 psig is a bit low for an adult. The tire pressure recommendation may be 40 psig max but I would run it at 60 psig to eliminate any tire slop. It will be OK.

Other than that, follow John’s advice for adjusting your seat height.

Keep you ass on the Saddle!

Skilewis74 is correct. Not keeping as much weight as possible on the saddle means that you are unecessarily lifting your body weight with your quads. this means that the unicycle will wobble and you will tire quickly.

Probably the single biggest issue with new riders is that they don’t plop thier weight down on the saddle. I have had new riders swear to me that they are sittting on the seat. I have a very simple procedure for showing them that they are not. (I can easily see thier wobble and if they are riding in dirt the snakelike path of the tire marks.) I put a coin on the saddle and tell them to sit on it and ride. The coin always falls out. There is no way for new riders to argue against that!


I wobble. I’ve ridden more than 3 thousand miles now. Wobble is part of riding. Don’t sweat it. I don’t know how much you wobble, but as you get better you will wobble less. As mentioned in the previous postings unicycle tires wear unevenly. I rotate my tires every hundred miles or so about 45 to 60 degrees to even out the wear pattern. This helps me get more miles out of my tires. With a lot of rotating I can get about 700 miles out of a tire. When I drive in the dirt I can see my track, it is always like a snake path, when I used to ride a 20" the snake path (wobble) was greater than now with the 29". I would like to suggest that instead of the wobble, focus on getting better in other ways on your unicycle.

Wobble is natural. It happens, and gets better with time.
Just make sure you put ALL of your weight on the saddle and you should be fine. You could probably try the coin thing that Unicorn mentioned. If the coin falls out, you’re doing it wrong.
Also, I’m not sure if this has been said yet on this thread, but in addition to the seat ordeal you might be putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on the pedals. With any unicycle, even the bigger ones, pressure is unnecessary once you get moving. Once you’re near top speed, just keep rolling, but take the pressure off. If you can do that successfully, that means you’re ALSO sitting correctly.

Many Thanks

Thank you all for helpful inputs. Yes, I have realized I was not weight myself down on seat all the time around block which I have thought to be. Adjusted seat post up a inch more and it does improved my ride a much better. Coin on seat test is good idea; have done with it around my driveway and I did passed this test but haven’t test it around block yet. :roll_eyes:

I think my air pressure gauge is not working right. I got air pump with gauge build in and pump it to 50 psi now. Kenda Kikzumbut is what I have on my numbis II have pressure range from 40 to 65 psi. K-Rad 20 X 1.95 look good and think to replace my weary bald tire.

Yes I find it to be too true: wobble is part of unicycle natural and get better with a lot of practice.

Many thanks again!

Unicycles wobble naturally. You can see this by holding the unicycle up by its seat and giving the wheel a spin. The weight of your legs adds to this, so the trick is to reduce the wobble by developing a smooth spin. This means your feet making perfect circles along with the pedals, without making the inward motions that go with the wobble. As said above, much of this will occur naturally with more riding, but you can also work on it specifically.

While riding fast, try to isolate your body from the waist up, so it’s cruising along smoothly, unaffected by the motion of your legs. The more you can do this, the smoother your spin will be.

Also, 145mm cranks are pretty long for a 20" wheel (unless you’re doing Trials). Put some shorter ones on and you’ll feel a difference instantly. 125s for a small change, or 110, even 102s for more speed.

BTW, two of my nephews are graduating today from CSD Fremont. One of them is a unicyclist! :slight_smile:

I just got back from camping and completed 10K Mud Run at Camp Pendleton. We had a blast and would love to do again next year.

Anyway, I think I am ready to be back on unicycle after those sore muscle I had since Sunday. Yes, That’s what I thought of 145mm crank is way too long for cruising around on 20". I have decided to order Nimbus 29er and it should be here tomorrow. :smiley:

I will kept practice and coming back to this forum for more feedbacks. Thank again.

Congratulation on your nephews’ graduation from CSD Fremont.