Who's going to the TOQUE games in Toronto?

Who’s all gonna be at the Uni show that weekend?
Feb 28 - Mar 1

I’ll start:


I wish I could, but I cant afford it finacially or academically (exams that week)

Have fun and rip it up!



Saturday and Sunday is my plan.


I’ll be there:). My friends Joey and Dan and I are going to take a bus up to Toronto a few days after we get back from Motorama. Is anyone else making it to both events?

I’m really excited about this. I just wish the weather wasn’t so crappy so I could get out and practice more.

Hope to see lots of you there.


Re: Who’s going to the TOQUE games in Toronto?

I wish I could be there. I have the money to go, but I need to spend it on


wish I could be there… a lot of money for a weekend… sigh… think I’ll save the flight $$ and spend it on a new 3 inch Bedford MUni.

But have a fantastic time, all the same!


I think I can make it that weekend! :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the site …

A new schedule is up which includes a trials workshop put on by Kris. For those of you coming from far away and not wanting to stay with a local unicyclist there is hotel information up.

The t-shirt design will be posted soon. It’s not as witty as the MUnispotting one, but I think you’ll all like it.

And just for you Erin … Darren has decided to give away a Bedford 3" frame at the TOque games … so there’s no excuse for you not to come now.


I’ll probably be there. I haven’t registered yet. Kinda depends on my unicycle being not broken by then. :frowning:

wow you guys are making this tuff not to go.

I just realized I had the date wrong. That is the first weekend of my spring break. If I can scrounge up some cash I would love to go.

What are the fee’s for getting in/ competing.

Also I heard mention of staying at fellow unicyclist place instead of a hotel. Does anyone still have room? I dont take up much space and dont mind being kicked arround a bit.


(hopefully toronto bound)

Hey Chex

It’s $30 if you want to do both the Trials and UMX (uni-cross) events … $15 if you want to do one or the other. That’s Canadian money too … so it’s like $10US. :wink:

All the details are up at …

As for staying with people … I’ve got some space left. Brian from London and Rich will be staying here. Bring a sleeping bag, we have plenty of airmatresses.

Hope you can make it.


oooh ooh i’m coming! i c’ant wait. Counting the days:D it’s gonna be great!


oh, i really want to go! ive never been to any type of unicycling gettogether. theres no clubs here,no nothing. i dont suppose anyone is travelling through the atlantic provinces in canada, or through maine who could pick me up? taking a bus is too expensive for me. anyways, i probably wont make it, but have fun everyone! bust it up for me. Kevin

Hey Tugboat:

Maybe there is someone in your area that is heading to central Canada for the biking part of things (since TOQUE is happening in conjunction with the Toronto Bike Show). Check at the local bike shops, etc. and see if anyone is driving out there.

(I can’t go either…it’s a bit of a commute from here, too :wink: ).


hey Tugboat, a good place to ask that would be at http://mtbr.com/techtalks post it under general discussion

I doubt too many will be going…not too many in the Bike niche like the Toronto Bike show. they say it’s getting to be more and more, just a bike flea market

I’ll be there Saturday. Don’t know about Sunday. :thinking:
Will Kris be doing workshops on all 3 days or just Sunday? I can’t download the schedule from Carl’s site:(

The workshop is sat @ 11:30 - 12:30

Saturday will be the best day to go, if only for one day

yeah i was lookng and it says i need shin guards and gloves. i dont normally wear these and my bike shops arent getting any in until the spring time. so how can i get leg armour and gloves, and what are some decent ones to get? my parents might let me go i think :slight_smile:

I’ll be going for sure. For the Trials workshop, do soccer shin pads work? Do the gloves have to be full fingered or can they be fingerless? one more thing do we just show up at the workshop or do we have to sign up and does it cost anything?



what is the best way to pay for registration?

is sending a check cool? Im not canadian so I dont know if it will be a problem making a check for the equivelent of 30 cnd.


Re: payment?

best way would be to send a money order in Canadian funds, I believe