Who's going to be the first to try in on a uni?

looks easy :wink:

It’s been done on a BC wheel before.


Nice, I think I might have seen that BC wheel rockets before, but the rocket needs to be bigger, much bigger :smiley:

You wanna have that rocket between your legs? :thinking:
I don’t. :astonished:

there is a man on one of them rocket bikes near where i live i had to rub my eyes when i sore it i thought there was a plane in the field then he shot past on the main road and it was very fast he just had a pair of jeans on no helmet or gloves :astonished:

Ill try it :smiley:

it should be a new competition at UNICON or at least at NAUCC!

Change “man” to skateboarder. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s where I saw Jason Alleman demonstrate the BC shown in the video. I think he may have had more powerful rocket engines on it that time.