Who wants a coasting unicycle? :)

Ever want a coasting unicycle?

Check it out :slight_smile:

Looks like cody shaide made one (he has a video of the prototype working) and needs 1000 sigs or something to get it into productions:)

Want a coasting unicycle? better get signing :slight_smile:

the video of it is one unicycle.ca

i think a coasting unicycle has already been made beofre, but i dont think witht he posibility of production?

how will you go backwards ?

I was thinking the same thing…You need backwards movement to balance don’t ya?

Also did you mention there’s a video?

I’ve ridden one before. They hurt your back and elbows!

I wouldn’t want one - next will be handlebars, then a 2nd wheel and then…on yer bike!

I wouldn’t want one.
One of the unique things about unicycles is the fact that you CAN’T coast. Also, coasting would make balance difficult, as shown in the video.
Coasting also decreases control.

I’ll pass on these…I don’t wanna be fallin on my ass like that guy every couple of seconds!


It needs some kind of button by the handle that enables it. Could open up soooo many different things…

It would be ridable with a brake, to save you if you started leaning backwards.

Most unicycles coast if you let them. I don’t think it would make it easier keeping your feet on the pedals in the weak position (with them up and down not horizontal) than putting them out of the way on top of the frame, except for on bigger wheels perhaps.

I find the easiest unicycles to coast tend to be 20" trials or freestyle with a flat crown and a relatively high seat. The 20" makes it easier to get a not too bent angle on your knees with your feet on the crown. 24" is fairly coastable too but 29" and bigger gets almost impossible to control with your feet so high up.

I always thought coasting on a unicycle was impossible (even though I had seen people do it) but just like any other unicycling skill it is possible and even not too hard with a bit of dedicated practise. If I can do it anyone can do it- cos I’m not that great at tricks. The beauty of coasting is it is less wear and tear on your shoes and tires than gliding once you get the hang of not falling off too much.

Think about what something like that could do to street unicycling. You could do ramp transfers etc… though I think it would be so hard to get a hang of that it almost wouldn’t be worth it.

I think there might be something to that.

With that and a brake, I wonder how much control could be had for muni.

How would you use a coasting muni? Or what benefits could it give you for muni?

And with 1000 signatures, will he suddenly have the money to invest in a production run? How many of those signatures will be pre-orders? Oh, and how much will it cost?

Yes you can.

Sounds like a non-unicyclist talking about riding a unicycle. Ooooh, it’s too haaard!

Depends how you land. You could hurt your palms and nose. :slight_smile:

That ‘once you get the hang of not falling’ is a major bit of time spent though. But it’s so worth it.

To crash harder. The benefit could be much, much shorter rides, which means your injuries would happen much closer to the car. :slight_smile:

That last bit should be in someones sig.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’d put it in mine but it’s already full.

I spent a month learning how to ride the one in the video. It was definitely a challenge, which is also why I enjoyed it very much. The best run I got on it was maybe 50 yards, but had I remained determined and kept at it I’m sure I could have become somewhat proficient on it. I don’t see why so many unicyclists are put off by a challenge. If anyone can build or obtain such a unicycle, I’d recommend it highly.

Does Dakoroman know about this?

My dad made a couple they’re really fun! It’s a bit like regular feet on frame coasting except you’re more… Stuck to the unicycle…

The first one he made had a back pedal break and is significantly easier to ride, you can control the speed down hills which means actually being able to go down hills!
I don’t think you could practically go from A to B on a normal freewheeling unicycle. I’m not saying unicycles are the most practical vehicles but I’d want to at least be able to stay on the entire time.
Although maybe for skateparks, stairsets and freestyle routines, but not distance - never distance.

Okay, the reason we want to coast is to:

Go faster and not have to pedal fast

The reason we don’t want to coast:
Less control and more difficult to balance

There is an option:

A geared hub. Pedal slower while riding faster with options to speed up and slow down, while maintaining control.

Another option that would require some serious work:

A clutch hub that allows controlled gliding. Now this would be scary, but more practical since you could still use the uni for pedaling.